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PostgreSQL, Engl. ed.: Introduction and Concepts
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PostgreSQL Engl ed Introduction and Concepts The open source PostgreSQL database is soaring in popularity as thousands of database and web professionals discover its powerful features transaction support performance and industrial strength s

  • Title: PostgreSQL, Engl. ed.: Introduction and Concepts
  • Author: Bruce Momjian
  • ISBN: 0201703319
  • Page: 174
  • Format:
  • The open source PostgreSQL database is soaring in popularity, as thousands of database and web professionals discover its powerful features, transaction support, performance, and industrial strength scalability In this book, a founding member of the PostgreSQL development team introduces everything you need to know to succeed with PostgreSQL, from basic SQL commands through database administration and optimization PostgreSQL assumes no previous database expertise it establishes a firm foundation of basic concepts and commands before turning to PostgreSQL s advanced, innovative capabilities Bruce Momjian walks readers step by step from their first database queries through the complex queries needed to solve real world problems He presents proper query syntax, then explores the value and use of each key SQL commands in working applications Learn to manipulate and update databases, customize queries, work with SQL aggregates, use joins, combine SELECTs with subqueries, work with triggers and transactions, import and export data, use PostgreSQL query tools, and Discover PostgreSQL techniques for server side programming and multi user control, and master PostgreSQL s interfaces to C, C , ODBC, JDBC, Perl, and Tcl TK You ll also find detailed coverage of PostgreSQL administration, including backups, troubleshooting, and access configuration.

    • Î PostgreSQL, Engl. ed.: Introduction and Concepts || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Bruce Momjian
      174 Bruce Momjian
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    1. None says:

      I found the book not very helpful in general, because there is much to much SQL explanations included. For beginners with no prior knowlede of RDBMs or SQL a good primer, but not very well suited for more experienced users.

    2. None says:

      This book is a very good tutorial about PostgreSQL. I found it very good with respect to the explanations and examples. I'm doing some Oracle stuff at work and the book even helps me there when it comes to SQL which is not the daily stuff. So all in all this is a fantastic book - there's even a website which points out the errors in the book (every book has it's errors - but only a few are showing them ;) ) Conclusion - I would buy this book again.

    3. None says:

      It's an odd commentary on the open source movement that, while open source code seems sophisticated and reliable -- as a result of the many hands working on it -- open source documentation, as a general rule, sucks. I believe that this book is the _first_ printed book on PostgreSQL. As such, the author is to be commended for his effort at collecting a great deal of useful Postgres info in one place, helping readers find the essential knowledge buried in the sea of online documentation.The book's [...]

    4. None says:

      We are involved in CF, vb and php projects and needed an alternative to another Oracle license. We turned to PostgreSQL and soon discovered we were making heavy going of the online docs. This book has quickly answered our functional questions, helping us with transactions, sequences etc. So far everything we've needed we've found right away.I wish they were more specific about field max sizes - oracle for example is very clera and very constrained (4k limits on inmserts to varchar fields for exa [...]

    5. None says:

      This book certainly covers all the basics for those wishing to learn PostgreSQL - However:1. Nearly half of the book is Appendices. Maybe OK if you don't want to read the free docs on the computer screen.2. Written like an encyclopedia. Ever try reading one of those? The lack of user exercises is particularly irritating.Get the Wrox book instead of this one and you will be richer and happier

    6. None says:

      Somebody recommended this as a great entry into PostgreSQL - and it is. I have worked extensively with SQL Server, and some with Oracle and MySQL - and this is indeed a great read. Its out of print - but you can still get it used.

    7. None says:

      Thank you and God Bless!

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