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Killer Content: Strategies for Web Content and Ecommerce
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Killer Content Strategies for Web Content and Ecommerce In just a few short years the World Wide Web has turned traditional business models upside down Killer Content describes how to adapt business application and network topologies to meet the needs o

  • Title: Killer Content: Strategies for Web Content and Ecommerce
  • Author: Mailan Tomsen
  • ISBN: 0201710781
  • Page: 466
  • Format:
  • In just a few short years, the World Wide Web has turned traditional business models upside down Killer Content describes how to adapt business, application, and network topologies to meet the needs of the most important new breed of customer the online consumer A well rounded guide for IT students and professionals, this book defines the changing models for Web based commerce and shows how to correlate the demands and rewards of digital commerce and adapt them to different business environments In addition to providing details about the emerging digital assets and consumer communities, the author examines a series of case studies from Internet ground breakers such as Priceline, TheStreet, Salon, Yahoo , and.

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      For everyone's information, there were several user reviews of this book posted until recently, but they've been taken down. The average rating for this book was two stars at the time, therefore I'm giving this book two stars on behalf of people who already wrote reviews about this book. The reviews were apparently taken down by because the rating was poor.

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      Killer Content is a killer dud. If it were posted on a Web site, you'd be surfing away within seconds. And that's a pity, because its topic - using content to drive transactions - cries out for examination.Just what do you put on a Web site to make people transact? The answers run all the way from "an email address" to "a $2 million personalisation system". The range of Web sites out there and the scarcity of profit-makers suggest most people are doing something wrong.But Mai-lan Thomsen t [...]

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      I was a little bit disappointed in reading this book because I was interested in understanding not only the value models for web content itself, but also the strategies and pathways needed to take a content provider into being a web content provider. This book doesn't go in-depth into organizational issues involved in web content, although it does start to hint at the problems by talking about fitness for certain models and the bias of some of the extant CMS environments.However, what the author [...]

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      This was a good introduction into the exploration of how content is organized for the consumer on the Web. I consider it a introduction because the depth to which the author takes us is a little shallow.This is not meant to be a definitive answer book. The author does not claim to give you a step-by-step guide for you to follow in order to learn how to create "killer" sites. Rather, once you read his book you will understand your options as a web designer and be able to choose the best way to [...]

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      As a student of web content development and design and a Net user, Tomsen's concepts on the value exchange provide an insightful way to view the relationship between Web publishers (companies with a web presence) and Net users (regular Internet browsers). Although the book is six years old, the value exchange system is still worth reviewing by the book's intended audience - IT professionals and system architects, as well as students of e-commerce, web designers, and owners of mid-sized to large [...]

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      I consider myself a ebusiness beginner -- I have a decent background in Web sites but don't really think I (or my company) am in any way an expert. I thought Thompson's treatment of ecommerce and Web sites was very informative. I can see where some other people who have more experience in the space might be disappointede book doesn't go into one aspect of content commerce very thoroughly. But it's a good informative read if you're new to e-buisiness and want to learn more about how to expa [...]

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