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Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (MCP-Imprint Waite Group Press)
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Data Structures and Algorithms in Java MCP Imprint Waite Group Press An introduction to the subject of data structure and algorithm programming typically covered in second year computer science courses Deemphasizing software engineering the volume s chapters cover

  • Title: Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (MCP-Imprint Waite Group Press)
  • Author: Robert Lafore
  • ISBN: 1571690956
  • Page: 485
  • Format:
  • An introduction to the subject of data structure and algorithm programming, typically covered in second year computer science courses Deemphasizing software engineering, the volume s 15 chapters cover arrays, stacks and queues, simple sorting, linked lists, recursion, advanced sorting, binary trees, red black trees, 2 3 4 trees and external storage, hash tables, heaps, and weighted graphs The CD ROM contains visual simulations of algorithm examples from the book Annotation c by Book News, Inc Portland, Or.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (MCP-Imprint Waite Group Press) : by Robert Lafore ½
      485 Robert Lafore
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    1. None says:

      This book took me less time to read than a Teach Yourself . . . in 21 Days. It handled the material in a crystal clear manner. But be warned, the implementations do not leverage the full power of Java, because the author is concerned above all else that the text be as easy to understand as possible. For instance, interfaces and inheritance are not used. For these reasons, it does not matter that the author uses Java 1.1. Like the previous reviewer, I read this text to prepare myself for [...]

    2. None says:

      This book provides a great introductions to Data Structures and Algorithms using the Java programming languages. I picked this book up before taking a course on the subject and found it very easy to follow along. My text for the course in contrast was very dry and full of dry mathematical concepts and proofs which the average software developer need not bother with. The workshop applets provide an excellent method of viewing the algorithms in action. I highly recommend this book to anyon [...]

    3. None says:

      I am surprised that most instructors haven't banned this book! It is absolutely one of the best data structures references on the market and with answers provided with the enclosed CD, one perfect "cheat book." Virtually all the standard data structures for an introductory DS&A course are included here with a good explanation behind the rationale used in the implementation of the code. Lafore is a good writer and explains things well, unlike certain authors. The book isn't heavy on the [...]

    4. None says:

      In recht anschaulicher Form werden grundlegende Datenstrukturen und Algorithmen vorgestellt. Die mathematischen Anforderungen sind gering. Sehr gut ist dieses Buch zum Selbststudium geeignet. Die Abbildungen sind große Klasse!Schwerpunkt sind überschaubare Beispiele für Datenstrukturen und Algorithmen, nicht so sehr die Sprache Java. Wünschenswert wäre eine Neuauflage, die die aktuelle Spachversion benutzt.

    5. None says:

      Lafore wrote a a really good book for the beginner. It is easy to read and a lot of graphics and applets help you to understand the basics of algorithms and data structures. It is also a non-mathematical book so if you want to read something about mathematical analysis of algorithms and so on, go to Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest.

    6. None says:

      Using a less academic approach, the writers make various concepts of data structure understandle to mere mortals. I especially like the applets that demostarte differnt abstarct data types. I wouldn't be able to pass my class without this book as a reference.

    7. None says:

      Definitely one to consider if you need a solid introductory DS&A text written in Java. For something a bit more update and in depth, "Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java" by Mark Weiss is another excellent text.

    8. None says:

      I HATE books that tell you they cover certain subjects and then leave things "as an exercise for the reader." I think it's a cop out. Either cover the subject or not; but don't do a [poor] job. This book, although good, does that "exercise" thing. It devotes a whole chapter to describing Red-Black Trees, and then doesn't even provide an algorithm, but leaves it up to the reader to look in the references for a book that covers the algorithm or code. It does the same for B-Trees.As I said, the bo [...]

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