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Visual Basic 5 Database (MCP-Imprint Waite Group Press)
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Visual Basic Database MCP Imprint Waite Group Press A instructional guide offers the latest developments in Visual Basic contains than easy to follow solutions for difficult problems and provides detailed instructions for everyday SQL application

  • Title: Visual Basic 5 Database (MCP-Imprint Waite Group Press)
  • Author: Dennis Kennedy
  • ISBN: 1571691049
  • Page: 208
  • Format:
  • A instructional guide offers the latest developments in Visual Basic, contains than 120 easy to follow solutions for difficult problems, and provides detailed instructions for everyday SQL applications and current database formats such as Access, FoxPro, Paradox, dBase, and Btreive Original Intermediate

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      208 Dennis Kennedy
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    1. None says:

      Pretty good book for teaching someone new in your area but, if you're looking for in depth database coverage the online help is just as good if not better. This book still dwells on Jet and the ODBC/RDO section is pretty weak. The Client/Server How-To had better coverage of RDO than this. If you are looking for a good Jet Engine book this one could do or "Jet Database Engine Programmer's Guide 2nd ed" is a more in depth coverage. If you were looking for ADO examples, don't bother. There is [...]

    2. None says:

      Starting with the simplest possible examples, this book rapidly progresses to cover a wide variety of intermediate (and a few advanced) database programming techniques. The examples are very clear for the most part, though they can be a bit redundant. Some readers may appreciate the incremental modification of the code examples, but to me it just looked like filler. Good coverage of DAO, ODBC, ISAM, and SQL topics. The book also contains a very helpful section on Crystal Reports.

    3. None says:

      I would have definitely given this 5 stars if there were a bit more on ODBC/RDO and ADO; nonetheless, I have gotten a lot of mileage out of the book. Definitely a recommended read.

    4. None says:

      This book is truly excellent, it covers everything that you ever have to do when working with VB and databases. It has very many examples, which are included on the CD and do really work!! These examples are very clearly explained and help a great deal in understanding some of the more complex topics. I would recommend this book to everyone who uses VB.

    5. None says:

      If you want to learn to develop database apps using VB5, grab this one! Unlike some other teach-u-one-example books, it covers a lot of practical techniques of db programming. Most examples in the book are fully explained. No nonsense, straight-forward.

    6. None says:

      Looks like you forgo

    7. None says:

      I'd prefer that the samples were reusable. For example, instead of creating a generic data control that you can use in all your projects, the book demonstrates how to make one to specifically access the sample database. Obviously, it can be modified to work with any project, but ideally, you should be able to use it without modification. The same goes for most of the books examples-- they're well written, but specific-- if they don't fit your needs, you will need to invest some time in the modif [...]

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