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The golden age
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The golden age b APublisher s Weekly Best Book of Frank Golds family Hungarian jews flee the perils of World War II for the safety of Australia but not long after their arrival thirteen year old Frank is dia

  • Title: The golden age
  • Author: Joan London
  • ISBN: 1609453328
  • Page: 486
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  • b APublisher s Weekly Best Book of 2016Frank Golds family, Hungarian jews, flee the perils of World War II for the safety of Australia, but not long after their arrival, thirteen year old Frank is diagnosed with polio He is sent to a sprawling childrens hospital called The Golden Age, where he meets Elsa, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, a girl who radiates pure light Frank and Elsa fall in love, fueling one anothers rehabilitation, facing the perils of illness and adolescence hand in hand, and scandalizing the prudish staff of The Golden Age Frank and Elsas parents, too, must cope with their changing realities Elsas mother Margaret, who has given up everything to be a perfect mother, must reconcile her hopes and dreams with her daughters sickness Franks parents, transplants to Australia from a war torn Europe, are isolated newcomers in a country that they do not love and that does not seem to love them Franks mother Ida, a renowned pianist in Hungary, refuses to allow the western deserts of Australia to become her home But her husband, Meyer, slowly begins to free himself from the past and integrate into a new society With tenderness and humor, The Golden Age tells a deeply moving story about illness, resilience and recovery It is a book about learning to navigate the unfamiliar, about embracing music, poetry, death, and, most importantly, life.Awards2015 Australian Prime Minister s Award for Fiction 2015 Patrick White Literary Award2015 Kibble Literary AwardQueensland Premier s Award for FictionNew South Wales Premier s People s Choice Award

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    1. Vaurien says:

      Un romanzo molto intenso. Ambientato in Australia nell'immediato dopoguerra (II guerra mondiale) intreccia vari temi: la vita di una famiglia di esuli ebrei ungheresi in questa terra così lontana, l'accanirsi delle epidemie di poliomelite immediatamente prima la scoperta del vaccino, la vita di adolescenti colpiti dalla malattia ma desiderosi di vivere e di amare, le reazioni della famiglia e della società

    2. Rosetta Bolletti says:

      Il mio interesse per quest'opera è nato dal fatto che l'A. racconta gli anni della poliomielite, che ha imperversato in tutto il mondo. Io ne sono stata colpita nel 1943. A quell'epoca il vaccino non era ancora stato scoperto. Se fossi nata qualche anno dopo, adesso non mi troverei in queste condizioni: i muscoli della mia gamba sinistra sono atrofizzati, riesco a malapena a camminare e ho dolori alle articolazioni. Se penso che ci sono delle persone così male informate e credulone da non vole [...]

    3. carolynfromoz says:

      What struck me most about this book is that although it is dealing with children struck down by the terrible polio epidemic of the 1950s it is a quiet and joyous story. For Frank Gold, recently arrived in Australia from post WWII Hungary and on the cusp of adolescence it should be a horrific time in his life. But Frank is resilient and resourceful and relishes the sudden independence from his parents and the cares of the world. "The Golden Age", the children's convalescent hospital of the title [...]

    4. Kaysey says:

      I really loved this book. Joan London is set around a very sad time in the 50s in Australia when a polio epidemic struck thousands of children. It tells of their time at the Golden Age Hospital, of their resilience where alone they had to come to grips with life as a disabled person. The staff were true 'angels of mercy' - one instance in particular is when a storm causes a power failure, and the staff came running through the lightning and thunder from their quarters to pump the bellows for [...]

    5. Shazartist says:

      I loved this book. I missed Polio my self but I did have an older friend who contacted it when he was very young. We never talked about it and he had to use leg braces and arm braced walking sticks, but forced himself to keep moving, he had a job and drove a modified car and never complained. I knew about the iron lung but this book took you into the lives and minds of children that battled the disease and family that dealt with the blow of having a healthy child one moment and a something else [...]

    6. Note says:

      A moving book in many ways. First, the writing is superb and the novel has a easy flow from one chapture to the next. It is heart-felt novel and makes you care deeply about the characters. The novel also has transitions - from healing, moving from war to safety, growing up, going from hospital to home, and finding one's place in life. The novel includes the sadness of the polio epidemic, the joy of friendships, the complex family relationships, and discovery of first love. Excellent! The b [...]

    7. Prime Shopaholic says:

      A great book about two children who find happiness in an unfortunate situation. Two children, both with polio, become good friends in a hospital. There, they form a unique bond which the author develops throughout the story.I am giving this four stars because while it was a great read, and great writing, I didn't love the ending (spoiler alert: it was sad and felt unfinished, but perhaps that's the beauty of it) and at some points it was a little slow. Besides that, it was incredible and I loved [...]

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