Samantha Hayes
Until You're Mine
January 17, 2019 Comments.. 617
Until You re Mine You re alone You re vulnerable And you have something that someone else wants At any costClaudia Morgan Brown finally has it all Pregnant with a much wanted first baby of her own she has a happily es

  • Title: Until You're Mine
  • Author: Samantha Hayes
  • ISBN: 9781780891484
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You re alone You re vulnerable And you have something that someone else wants At any costClaudia Morgan Brown finally has it all Pregnant with a much wanted first baby of her own, she has a happily established family of two small step sons and a loving husband with a great career But she is also committed to her full time job as a social worker, and her husband traYou re alone You re vulnerable And you have something that someone else wants At any costClaudia Morgan Brown finally has it all Pregnant with a much wanted first baby of her own, she has a happily established family of two small step sons and a loving husband with a great career But she is also committed to her full time job as a social worker, and her husband travels often So when Claudia hires Zoe to help her around the house in anticipation of the baby s arrival, it seems like the answer to her prayers But despite Zoe s glowing recommendations and instant rapport with the children, there s something about her that Claudia cannot trust.Moreover, there has been a series of violent attacks on pregnant women in the area, and Claudia becomes acutely aware of her vulnerability With her husband out of town for work and her family far away, who will be there to protect her And why does she feel unsettled about Zoe Realizing appearances can be deceiving even in her seemingly perfect world, Claudia digs deeper into Zoe s blurry past and begins to wonder how far would someone go to have a child of her own Riveting from its very first pages, Until You re Mine is a multilayered masterwork of twisted, psychological suspense Readers of Before I Go to Sleep and Turn of Mind will be enthralled by this multilayered novel, featuring a twisted plot that ends in a breathtaking and shocking finale.

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    1. Erika Schoeps says:

      1.5 StarsDisclaimer: I won this book in a First Reads giveawayFORE YOU BEGIN READING THIS REVIEW, PLEASE KNOW THAT IT IS LOADED WITH SPOILERS. You should honestly read this review anyway, because I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone anyways.I'm finally that person writing a negative review in contrast to all the many positive, glowing reviews. When I first read the description of this book and entered the giveaway, I was SO excited. I even told a bunch of my friends about it, and created a [...]

    2. Elaine says:

      This is an absolutely stunning read. It is a psychological thriller told from three different points of view, that of Claudia, her nanny Zoe and Lorraine, a detective. Claudia and Zoe's stories are told in the first person, and because each character has a very distinct, individual voice, it works from the very first chapters. It seems to add to the chilling feel of the book as right from the start you are completely immersed inside the minds of two of the main characters, living the story with [...]

    3. Blair says:

      When I read the awful Close My Eyes last month, I stated my desire to stop reading these chick-lit/crime thriller things. Yet here I am, a few weeks later, reading another one. It has practically the same cover as well ('woman with one eye' apparently being the new shorthand for sinister goings-on in the upper-middle-class suburbs), AND it's centred around a character who is desperate for a baby. In my defence, I'd had Until You're Mine waiting to be read for months, having obtained an advance c [...]

    4. Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess says:

      This was amazing! I thought I had this one all figured out and then the last few chapters blew my mind and theories serpentine to shreds. That endings marvellous.This was a very complex mystery/thriller/crime novel full of twists and turns and surprises. I was actually so surprised by the outcome that I had to reread the ending.From the very beginning I was hooked. The prologue is so powerful I was still thinking about it on the last page.Speaking of last pages, the epilogue had me trying to tur [...]

    5. Elyse says:

      3.7 rating! I kept thinking about the movie "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle". Actress Rebecca De Mornay plays the 'nanny'."Zoe Harper", nanny extraordinaire, in "Until You're Mine", and Rebecca De Mornay have a few character traits in common. ***Creepy qualities*** Its a family affair-(haha), with Zoe watching the young twin boys of James and Claudia. Claudia has another child due soon. Zoe is hired to help. James leaves home for work for long stretches. He's a Navy Officer.While the family dram [...]

    6. Linda Strong says:

      This was a great psychological thriller by Samantha Hayes. She is a new author to me and I'm eager to read more of her books.Claudia is 8 1/2 months pregnant. She's married to James, who is in the Navy and step-mom to James' twin 4-year-old sons. She is working as a social worker and as her husband will be on a submarine somewhere when she delivers, she is looking for a nanny to help out.Lorraine is an officer of the law. Her newest case involves the murder of a pregnant woman and her baby. The [...]

    7. Lisa says:

      WOW. What a stunner. Now THAT'S the way you do it. Samantha Hayes has written a masterful tale of questions, suspense, and puzzling characters. Nothing quite makes sense until EVERYTHING makes sense. This was extremely well-written and well-developed, impressively so. Every base is covered. No loose ends. And in the end, we had a perfect, completed jigsaw puzzle worthy of shellacking and hanging up on the study wall. AND possibly THE BEST last line of my entire reading lifeAVO!

    8. Dem says:

      2.5 StarsI love a good Psychological thriller and Until You're Mine by Samantha Hayes is one of those books that has you hooked from page one.I loved the plot of this novel."You have something that someone else wants at any cost Claudia seems to have the perfect life. She's heavily pregnant with a much wanted baby. She has a wonderful husband and a home that is the envy of many. But then Zoe comes into her home to help Caudia when the baby arrives and Claudia soon realises that Zoe is not all sh [...]

    9. debra says:

      Was 3.5-4. Good twisty escape read with an escalating sense of menace. There were a few character inconsistencies and maybe one too many unnecessary side plots thrown in- but they didn't really detract from enjoyment. . Last sentence made me smile and round up. Audio version had v good narrator- only caveat-story told from alternating POVs and you had to pay attention to know which character you were listening to. Not a serious problem, though.Read Melissa's, Kelly(and the book boar)'s, and Maur [...]

    10. Amy says:

      I’m joining in again with Throwback Thursday which was created by my good friend Renee at It’s Book Talk. She started this weekly feature as a way to highlight old favorites and read books that have already been published. I have so many older books on my TBR that get ignored in favor of review copies and I figure participating in Throwback Thursday will help me to read at a least one older title a week!Until You’re Mine has been recommended to me more times than I can count and I bought i [...]

    11. Brenda says:

      Claudia Morgan-Brown was eight and a half months pregnant – and ecstatic after many miscarriages and stillbirths in the past. Her husband James was a devoted father of four year old twin boys, Noah and Oscar; their mother had passed away from cancer while they were still babies, so when James and Claudia fell in love, everything seemed perfect. But James was also a submariner in the Navy where he spent months at a time at sea. So it seemed like a sensible idea for them to hire a nanny to help [...]

    12. ReadAlong With Sue says:

      I have just finished reading UNTIL YOU'RE MINE by SAMANTHA HAYES link here on . I've not read any book by this author before, so she has been a really new author to me and one that I will be watching for and reading books she already has out.I don't like giving too much away about the story as it tends to spoils it for the reader, so I am going to say its a psychological thriller. I was hooked from beginning to end. The writing was free flowing, easy to connect with the characters and so intrigu [...]

    13. Jules says:

      Wow, what a great psychological thriller!I don't want to give too much away, so I just want to say that this was very well written, the plot was clever with some surprises, and the main female characters were strong and easy to relate to. This story felt very real.I found this very hard to put down, especially during the second half of the book. The last few chapters had my head in a spin.I really look forward to reading more by this author, and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good r [...]

    14. Stefanie says:

      Rating 4.0 StarsThis was a great psychological thriller by new author Samantha Hayes. This book was really easy to read. There are three main characters each of which get a chapter of their own and then it switches back to the first and so on. I enjoyed this style of writing as I got to read about the same or similar scenes from more than one perspective. The PlotClaudia Morgan-Brown is pregnant, very pregnant and she needs a nanny to help with her 4 year old twin step-sons and soon to arrive ne [...]

    15. Ruth Turner says:

      Once started I couldn't put it down. I read it in one day.I found the story line a little unbelievable at times, but otherwise a great read.3 stars plus 1 for the last line.

    16. Melissa says:

      4.5 starsWhat a great read! Every time I pick up a suspense, I’m hoping for a story as smartly crafted and unpredictable as this one. There’s nothing better than thinking you know exactly where a story is headed, only to watch it all unravel into something else entirely. By the end, I was shocked, a little creeped-out and feeling like I had been completely duped. “Would you like me to tell you about the others?”The story is told through the eyes of three very different women - Claudia (a [...]

    17. Mish says:

      This book is a seriously disturbing novel that probes into the mind of a mentally unstable woman and her longing to have a child of her own. In this book, we follow two Detective’s, a husband and wife team, who are trying to solve a series of brutal attacks and murder on specific women that have had a history of drug and alcohol abuse, whom are vulnerable and alone, and heavily pregnant. Whilst also struggling to hold their marriage together due to infidelity issues, a rebellious teenage daugh [...]

    18. Lee says:

      I have previously read a book by Samantha Hayes and I really enjoyed it, I enjoyed this one but not quite as much. I won't go into the plot as it would be easy to give spoliers away but this is a psychological thriller which is creepy, suspenceful and keeps you thinking. I was quite captivated with the majority of the book but I was disappointed in the end.

    19. Leanne says:

      I'm a little grumpy writing this review, because although this was a fun, twisty, fast-paced book, I stayed up much too late finishing it. And it wasn't quite good enough to warrant me falling asleep at work and requiring multiple teas (because unfortunately, the appeal of coffee escapes me). I'm giving Until You're Mine 3 stars because although I don't have many complaints, my inner book snob (sorry!) can't justify 4+ for this type of book. It is exactly the prose you'd expect from a slightly s [...]

    20. Kat says:

      When I read the synopsis of Until You're Mine, I was immediately curious. Although not a mother myself, it struck me that a story about a pregnant woman with creepy nanny could be one of those edge-of-my-seat kind of books because the stakes are so very high. Until You're Mine is told through three perspectives - Claudia who is finally pregnant with her first child after years of trying and heartbreak, Zoe the nanny who seems too good to be true and Lorraine, the police office investigating a ra [...]

    21. Maria says:

      Quando parti para a leitura deste livro nunca pensei que tinha nas mãos um dos thrillers que mais gostaria de ler este ano.Com um tema forte, envolvente, aterrador, Até que Sejas Minha, prendeu-me logo. E confesso que foi difícil conseguir parar de o ler.O leitor vai sendo testemunha da história através do relato do dia-a-dia de três personagens: Claudia, Zoe e Lorraine. O final, sinceramente, não me surpreendeu assim muito, porque fui tirando algumas conclusões ao longo do livro, atrav [...]

    22. Kandice says:

      4.5 starsOMG!! My 2.5 yr old son fell out of bed around 2:30am this morning. I couldn't go back to sleep right, so I decided to listen to this audiobook for a bit. It's now 5:30am and I'm finished AND WIDE AWAKE!! What a story!!!! Thank you Lisa E for recommending it. I just hope I can sneak in a nap later today!!Review:My heart aches for couples that struggle to conceive. I can only imagine the pain they feel when they are disappointed month after month. The emotional and financial strains infe [...]

    23. Lisa says:

      4.5 StarsI can't say much about this book as I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone BUT if you love a get-your-teeth-stuck-in, gripping, hand-that-rocks-the-cradle-esque, fucked up psychological thriller then you will love this.I had a small problem with it (and when I find out how to add a spoiler so you can't see it unless you click on it I'll tell you what it is lol!) but it didn't ruin the experience - I really enjoyed this one.

    24. Samantha says:

      Mijn 4e read van mijn 2018 to read list, zo gaat ie goed! Dit boek stond al eeuwen op mijn to read list en toen ik deze prachtige cover voorbij zag komen op de Deventer boekenmarkt nam ik hem gelijk mee. Op kun je het niet zien, maar de cover is zilver en shiny! Super mooi!Gelukkig is niet enkel de buitenkant mooi, ook de binnenkant is goed, erg goed zelfs!In dit boek volgen we Claudia. Claudia is hoogzwanger, haar man is een marinier en vaak lang weg en tevens is ze stiefmoeder van een tweelin [...]

    25. Cleo Bannister says:

      Warning this is not a good book to read while you are pregnant! If you are pregnant buy it for when you are cradling your baby in your arms during those sleepless nights ahead.This is a book starts with the description of a young girl sprinkling her tiny-tears doll with ‘magic dust’ to bring her to life, when the girl has no live baby in her arms by the time she is twelve, she throws her doll onto the fire in disgust.This book is dominated by mothers; mothers-to-be and women who long-to-be-m [...]

    26. Myrna says:

      I see the community is divided on their ratings/feelings of this book. Most don't like it or really like it. I'm one of those that really liked it. It was a twisted thriller with a super creepy epilogue! Look forward to Samantha's next book.

    27. Julie says:

      Until You're Mine by Samantha Hayes is a 2014 Broadway Books publication. I was provided a copy of this by the publisher and Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. I am a huge fan of psychological thrillers because of the unusual twist and turns and and how tense the atmosphere is. This one had me on edge even more than usual due to the emotional subject matter. Someone is trying to steal babies they are actually born- removing them from the womb of the mother, often taking the lif [...]

    28. Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

      Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/ARC from NetGalley3.5 StarsAfter years of struggling with infertility, Claudia finally seems to almost have it all. She has a career as a social-services supervisor, a loving spouse, twin stepsons, and the little girl she has always dreamed of is due in just a few weeks. With so much on her plate, it is now time to hire a nanny who can get used to the run of the house before the new baby arrives. At first Zoe seems perfect, yet Claudia can’t escape the [...]

    29. Nigel says:

      A random and fairly quick "holiday" read. Certainly not a bad book though not exactly flawless. I did work out some of the plot but not all and I enjoyed it. I'd read another by this author

    30. Lénia says:

      Cometi a idiotice de ler a review que aparece em primeiro lugar, aqui no GR, antes de ler o livro. A dita review tem os spoilerzinhos todos que se possa imaginar. E eu li. E depois comecei a ler o livro, já a saber ao que ia. Ainda assim, foi uma leitura empolgante. Foi muito interessante ver como a autora deu a volta a tudo de maneira a todas as peças encaixarem no final. Foi um bocadinho como ver um corpo de dentro para fora, primeiro o esqueleto, depois o resto. Gostei mesmo muito. Se gosta [...]

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