Run lions run

Lions vs Buffalo vs Crocodile too.

I juts came across this video on youtube. Thanks to a friend who emailed me the link. I take no credit but this video is worth sharing. I am usually not very fond of animal planet type videos but this one is amazing. Wont spoil the fun by discussing content. Watch….

Hafeez Center Live

I just came across this website: . Just the name tells it all for those who have been shopping for computers and cell-phones in Lahore. The list of products is extensive and the price list is there as well. Its less of a shopping portal and more of a shopping network. Sellers can showcase their products and buyers can contact the sellers to purchase it. No online payments, no credit cards and no cheques or bank account transfers. Well that suits the local market as well.

As the site says itself, its a non-profit trading platform and they dont buy or sell anything themselves. Browsing through the site gave me a feeling as if I’m walking shopt to shop in Hafeez center itself.

The prices section though instantly reminded me of prices section of galaxy computers. And a little investigation revealed it to be true as well. They have borrowed the prices sectino from Galaxy.

Still its a great site with a lot of updates and information and as long as people continue to use it positively, can help a lot of people buy and sell items in Lahore in particular and everywhere in Pakistan in general.

A visit to Lahore Safari park

I’m not fond of such trips but it actually resulted in a pleasant surprise for me. Way outside my city, a semi-heaven like place that does not require any payments to enter and gives you a combo of enjoyables including vast abundant grassy plots to picnic, drive ways through the open animal and bird cages, a small canteen, and last but not least, real SAFARI. Well, there’s a huge bird-cage safar filled with peacoks and pheasents and a number of birds I could not recognize. Then the most exciting part, a Lion Safari and a Tiger Safari.

Its a life time experience being in direct eye contact with a lion or a tiger without a cage in between. Though all lions and tigers were very lazy when we visited them, but still, a lion is always a lion ­čÖé