Your necklace pendant is your sixth sense!

The day is not far when we all will have an option of wearing this small gadget that will truly change our lives forever by adding this sixth sense. Sixth Sense is basically a computing system, just like our personal computers but its very different in the way you use it. Its a combination of a camera, mini-projector and a cell-phone in your pocket. The system can observe whatever you come across, processes the information over the Internet and can present you with results, suggesting and helping you in making day to day decisions.

Basic computers take input from input devices like keyboard, process it and give output onto a screen. Sixth sense takes input from a camera hanging to your neck band, that looks at things around you and takes commands from your hand-gestures. This information captured via camera is processed in the cell-phone and can be sent to the internet for further processing/information extraction and the results are eventually projected out using the projector, may be on the nearby wall or on something that you hold.

This is more than a month old video but if you have’nt heard about sixth sense as yet, it is bound to drop your jaw instantly!!

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