is down or what? is down fellows. I just realized, when I go to, it takes me to a page showing “Page not available”. Result is the same for and It eventually shows me the error and a following bing search searching for “en us default aspx”. Strange is’nt it? See the screenshot below.

The home page redirects to


Updates: It was a temporary error and the site is up and running now!

Face Gestures for browsing web.

Opera 10 with Face Gestures

You may have seen this already, but I come across it now. New Opera 10 has a “Face Gestures” feature that allows you to make face gestures at your PC to control common browser commands. You can go to “Home”, go next, back, speed dial and do other stuff with this feature. Obviously you need a PC with a built in camera or an external web-cam for this feature to work. Following is a subset of the supported face gestures.

You can start by viewing this demo video below and can download the browser from this link.

Advertising Sarcasm at its best or its worst?

Recently, we have seen companies using sarcasm in hidden or obvious words causing a never ending race of ads showing up on media, especially television. This race has taken the shape of a war when it comes to telecom sector. Every telco is hitting others with the gestures, sentences, music, colors or whatever method they find appropriate. The team at Ufone has been doing its part as well but this ad, which is yet to be aired has taken it to another level.

At times I feel it is a little inappropriate but once it’s a war, all is fair in it. Please do post your comments.

Classic games on Palm Pre

Home brewers are hard at work to make classic games on the newly launched Palm pre’s WebOS. A few success stories have been reported, for example, the classic Doom has been ported to Palm. Following videos shows the game on the handset.

If you are a fan of Nintendo games, you can also see Nintendo games running on WebOS too. Is’nt that a good news for game lovers who want to own a Pre? Follow this link to view a tutorial on “How to port Nintendo emulator on WebOS”.

It appears that this porting business is turning out to be much more simpler than expected, especially if you are a Linux user.

Another QWERTY Beauty announced, Nokia E72

Nokia has recently announced its new QWERTY smartphone E-72. The handset is an obvious successor of E-71 with several improvements and performance boosts. A few notable features are A-GPS with Nokia maps, a life time subscription of Walk and a trial of turn by turn navigation, high concentration and convenience on instant messaging services and one touch torch operation by pressing the space bar. The device also uses smart noise cancellation mechanism to make conversations more clear when talking in noisy environments. Navigation has been improved with the addition of a compass and last but not least, an improved version of office is included that supports office 2007 documents as well. According to Nokia, the handset will start shipping in third quarter of 2009, (thats a fortnight away) and will cost around 350 Euro before taxes and subsidies.

A few quick Facebook usernames facts

A few quick facts about Facebook’s user-names.
  • Facebook is not giving all the user names, for some reasons. (See my earlier post here).
  • Facebook usernames are not case sensitive, xyz and ‌xYz and XyZ are the same thing
  • Facebook usernames ignore dots, as gmail does. So x.y.z and x.yz and xyz are the same thing.

Facebook has been Unjust to me!!!

I just posted my brand new Facebook URL in my last post. I’m posting again to launch a protest here. When I tried signing up for , it said its already taken. To make sure I dont miss the other combinations, I signed up for /basit.ali and go it.

Now when I try, nothing shows up, means its not taken. If the name is not taken, why they dint let me take it? I protest Facebook, I portest!!

Nokia Life tools officially launched in India

Nokia life tools have been running as a pilot in Indian state of Maharashtra. Nokia has announced the commercial launch of these tools in Maharashtra today. This service will run in this state for now and will spread further to the other parts of the country later. Life-tools is a combination of entertainment, information, education and agriculture services in the emerging markets.

The idea is to have applications running on common, low cost phones that is owned by the greater number of users in small towns and remote areas and the focus of the applications is to make the life of the users easier one way or another.

Here are a few shots from the agriculture related application. You can have more information about these applications here.

The biggest challenge in such cases is to bring information and updates to the users from the very local market and the changes should reflect the happenings around them, for example market prices, weather, irrigation related details etc.

That is why the service has been launched in a limited area, and will grow over time. Nokia has recently been concentrating on these so-called emerging markets like India and Pakistan where the telecom market has been growing exponentially resulting in very high sales of handsets.