Ufone SMS Hoax!

An sms hoax has been floating all around especially on Ufone numbers. Different versions of the message have been forwarded but basically all of these messages ask users to exploit a bug/hack in ufone system by forwarding the message to several people to get some free balance. Now i dont know if its an effort of chocking ufone network or an attempt to give an sms revenue boost to the network. Following are the two of several versions of the message.

Version 1:
Ye sms without editing ufone k kisi b 6 numbers pe send kro aur os k baad *146# dial kren 15 mints me 1000 sms ka pkg free me ho jae ga aur 5 hour k lie aap sirf ufone numbers pe free cal kr skte ho .it works because of these codes.
htp.\\trace\15m5-333s.3[ra-ga-5]+47.locate7\\09 .?ufone.htt.p.web.a.s [eco]%uni@hdnis. URL-4YR.K26.”

Version 2:
“Ufone Bug, Ufone ki Service main aik bug mila ha, jis ki wajha sy ufone ko lakhun ka nuksaan horaha ha. Is sms ko edit keay bghair 8 logon ko send krain, isk end par maujood code ki wajha sy apko 200 free minutes milain gy. Sirf 2 hr baad *706# mila kr check kegeyay ga.

Michael Schumacher is back in the red car

This is certainly the News-Of-The-Year for me and a big number of Formula 1 fans out there. Ferrari has announced that Michael Schumacher will replace injured Felipa Massa for next few races, and you can see the star back in action as early as weekend starting on 20th August. For this to materialize, Schumacher will have to go through some special training program and he will be racing till Massa will be fit enough to take back the racing wheel in his hands.

This all started as a result of an unfortunate accident during Hungarian grand prix-qualifying round. Ferrari’s driver, Felipa Massa’s car went out of control and hit deep into the tyre barrier in Q2 of his qualifying lap. Massa is out of danger but still hospitalized.

Michael Schumacher has been seven-time world champion. He retired at the end of 2006 season but his association with Ferrari team has continued. For many people including me, F1 season has been a bit of a put-off so far, but the return of this guy in the red-car will not only bring back millions of fans back to following F1, but I’m sure they’ll all be cheering for one of the red cars on the track.

This German driver has not only been 7 times world champion, but he got poll position 68 times, and has won 91 out of his total 250 career races.

Get Google-Voice app for your Phone-Now!

Google has recently started giving Google Voice accounts through invites. Google voice allows you to have one Google-Voice-Number and associate all your other phone numbers to this global number. Then you can receive and make calls using this number without letting your callers worry, where you are calling from. You have more control over your number, you get a big bundle of other features including conference calling, call forwarding, conference call and the list is never ending. You can check out the list of fetures at Google Voice Website.

Now Google has also released a mobile-app for BlackBerry and Android handsets that allows you to make and receive calls, check your voice mail and do a lot more. You can download the mobile app from http://m.google.com/voice.

You can watch the intro video for the mobile app below:

Blackberry developers, its your chance to win a $100,000 prize

Blackberry partner fund is running a contest named Blackberry Developer Challenge. This challenge is looking for creative BlackBerry application developers who have written applications for BlackBerry and upload them to the newly launched BlackBerry app-world.

This will serve a dual purpose for RIM. A lot of developers will jump into BlackBerry application development and will provide their application for the contest. Either the app wins or not, the application will add to the app-world catalog and will be available for purchase to BlackBerry users. Moreover, the app-developers will not only get a chance to win the $100,000 prize money, they’ll also start selling their app and if they see good profits, they’ll eventually end up developing more applications for the platform. That creates a win-win situation for RIM, for BlackBerry users as well.

Micro-USB One charger, all devices.

It seems that the mobile industry is moving toward a universal charger, and micro-usb connector will take this seat. The standardaization is supposed to start from Europe and will eventually be adopted, possibly, by the rest of the world. Micro-USB is more sleek in size and has the same capabilities as more commonly seen mini-USB.

Micro-USB (left) vs Mini-USB (right)

RIM, the manufacturers of BlackBerry devices, has already committed to micro-usb type connectors that work both as a data transfer as well as charging slot. Also, there several latest models of Nokia that charge on a Micro-USB charger. Several other phones also use them, off and on in different models as their charging and connectivity means but this time it is different.
European commission now, has the backing of inustry leaders and they’ve signed an M0U to support micro USB as a common charging slow on the upcoming devices. CTIA, OMTP, and GSM Association already back micro-USB chargers. This means that you will see more and more micro-USB based devices in the near future.
The companies that back European commission for Micro-USB and signed above mentioned MoU are Nokia, RIM, Apple, LG, Motorla, NEC, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Texas Instruments. You can see all industry leaders in the list.

Windows 7 release date confirmed – 22nd October

As a Windows 7 Beta tester I keep receiving updates from Microsoft. I just received an email confirming that Windows 7 will hit the shelves on 22nd October. Following is a chunk of the email.

“We are on our way to the last big milestone: Release to Manufacturing. Starting on October 22, you’ll see it on PCs and store shelves”

Windows lovers, get ready for the latest and greatest Windows ever. Its gonna be a Tuesday morning when you can queue outside a software store.

Q2 2009 Nokia sales stablize. Downfall stops!

Nokia has just announced the resuls for 2nd qurater, 2009 and the overall picture is stablizing. We’ve seen that overall figures have been falling since last year and still, this qurter’s sales are 25% below Q2 2008 but they’re 6% m ore than Q1 2009. I hope the postitive trend continues. The detailed results are available here.


Where did PTCL’s gaming lounge go?

Exactly at a point, when I was about to write a terrible review for PTCL’s gaming lounge, I found the link dead. The gaming lounge was a part of PTCL’s entertainment portal and they had quite a few interesting games servers listed including counter strike, call of duty 4, battlefield 2 and medal of honor-allied assault.

I was excited over the weekend and tried to connect, but found out that none of the servers was actually working. I tried all the 4 games listed above, but no luck. Today I hit PTCL’s entertainment link and only thing I see is a lame site with no links working at all, named Buzz Studio.

What’s going on? I suggest PTCL should finish their sites and get their servers ready before publishing their websites. People actually do visit their sites :p

Warid too? Inspiration or Plagiarism?

Recently Warid launched their pre-paid brand named “Glow”. I think its a great idea to attract more youth toward their products, but wait a minute. I’ve seen that ad somewhere else before. What was it?

Marketing department at Warid has done exactly what we have been blogging about for Zong. Zong’s print media ad and a television ad was so inspired by other pieces of art that they actually copied it as-it-is.

Now if you see Warid’s Glow ads, you’ll see colorful shadows of young people dancing and hopping on a black background. Now go to Google’s image search and type “iPod ad” and hit search. You’ll see bundles of results that look exactly like “Glow” ads.

Thanks to my friend who sent me above photo.

What do you think, its an inspiration or plagiarism?