Google Talk – Message length allowed on google chat software

Do you know you can type as long as 32,767 characters long message in your Google Talk’s chat window? That is approximately 7 pages at 12 font size and exactly 32 kilobytes of data. That’s a lot of text for an instant message. Gtalk is Google’s popular chat software that allows you to chat on different platforms including PC, Blackberry, Android, iphone and other mobile platforms. Google chat has kept their interface simple through all times without sacrificing any features.

Google Talk has a large chat window but its not the largest. Skype actually has a virtually unlimited chat window and as long as your system can handle data in that window, you can keep growing it. Try it out yourself.

Parvez Musharraf on Facebook

Ex-President Pakistan, Ex-Army Chief, Retired Gen. Parvez Musharraf now has a profile on Facebook and is looking forward to connect to all Pakistanis, especially the youth of the country to answer there questions who he believes are very concerned about the situation of the country.

No doubt every Pakistan is worried about the current political and overall situation of the country. He has promised to bi-weekly screen the most asked questions on his Facebook page and answer the top 3 questions. You can watch his Facebook adress video here:

After several other leaders and presidents of the countries in cluding President Obama, now Gen. Retd. Parvez Musharraf has also decided to use social media and The Internet not only to promote himself but to use this medium for a positive change. Lets see where this effort leads him and Pakistan.

To visit his page, go to

Those who die, live forever on social networks

Recently, a very dear friend of mine passed away and left us for ever. A very young and a very nice guy. Like most of us, he was an active user of online social networks as well and had an account on Facebook as well. As soon as he died, everyone on his friends’ list started posting content on his profile and soon his wall became a huge memory board and prayer room.

When I’ll die, I’ll leave an online account on Facebook as well?

This is a question that we all have to ask ourselves. No, I’m not telling you to delete your accounts. I’m pointing you to a service by Facebook that lets you report that a person is dead. Once Facebook is sure about this fact, they will mark the person deceased, will disable his account so that nobody gains control of it even if they have his password and only the friends he or she added when alive will be able to view the deceased’s virtual wall. So if you have anyone in your family or friends who is no more with us, please visit this link and report deceased and the account will be memorialized.

UConnect – Put all your files on the cloud

Go computing out there on the road with UConnect

Uconnect is probably the most revolutionary VAS that Ufone’s released ever, not only because of its feature set but its relation with the evolution of computing that will altogether transform the way we use computers and information today. The experts claim that all your computer resources that you can conceive today and can predict for tomorrow will all reside on the cloud in not so distant future. Actually we are already there with several tools emerging online.

Uconnect is our telecom sector’s contribution to the evolution. Using Uconnect, you can put all your files on the cloud and can access them anywhere, anytime using your cellphone. You can perform basic file management operations on most popular file types that we use on our PCs. You can view, send, receive emails and can even shut-down your PC remotely.

They say, a picture is better than a thousand words and I say, a video is better than a thousand pictures. So go-ahead, watch this video that shows how UConnect works. And if you decide to sign-up, simply SMS SUB to 292 and start enjoying UConnect.

Following is UConnect’s features list :

  • Put and access your files on the cloud and make them always-accessible.
  • Supports doc, xls, ppt, pdf, jpg and other popular formats that you can view right on your wap browser.
  • Access one or more of your machines’ file system live (obviously when your PC is online).
  • Cut/copy/paste/delete files remotely both from the cloud and your machine.
  • Basic PC tasks like restart, shut-down, sleep and hibernate can be done right from your phone
  • Last but not least, use PUSH EMAIL on up to 5 of your email accounts. This all works on SMS. You get SMS for each incoming email and you can read and reply emails.

To know more about the product, please visit is down. First time since Google took it over

Admob is the popular ads site for Mobile applications and websites. is experiencing an outage and is not allowing users to log on to the system. This is the first time I’ve experienced this since Google has taken over the company. This is only the outage on the website. Ads are being served fine both on sites as well as apps.

Lets see how long they stay offline. Do post if you have any related updates.

Nokia is done with N-Gage too, again.

Nokia has announced that 2010 will be the last year their N-Gage gaming platform and N-Gage arena will be operational. This is because of two things. Firstly, I’m very doubtful that Nokia achieved their targets from the N-Gage brand. Secondly, Nokia is really seriously pushing their service brand OVI. So any gaming related to Nokia will now be called OVI-Games.

Nokia has played the N-Gage card twice. Initially they launched Nokia N-Gage devices that looked like a small gaming console and were amazing for playing games. The devices were named Nokia n-gage and Nokia n-gage-QD respectively. On the in-side, they were simple Symbian S60 smartphones with symbian or J2ME games to play on.

Second time they used N-Gage brand was with their latest line of N-Series phones that could install an application named N-Gage. You could download, install and games right from the N-Gage app itself. No doubt N-Gage games have been great but I think its about time Nokia moves on. Second attempt to use N-Gage brand doesn’t work out again in my opinion.