Parvez Musharraf on Facebook

Ex-President Pakistan, Ex-Army Chief, Retired Gen. Parvez Musharraf now has a profile on Facebook and is looking forward to connect to all Pakistanis, especially the youth of the country to answer there questions who he believes are very concerned about the situation of the country.

No doubt every Pakistan is worried about the current political and overall situation of the country. He has promised to bi-weekly screen the most asked questions on his Facebook page and answer the top 3 questions. You can watch his Facebook adress video here:

After several other leaders and presidents of the countries in cluding President Obama, now Gen. Retd. Parvez Musharraf has also decided to use social media and The Internet not only to promote himself but to use this medium for a positive change. Lets see where this effort leads him and Pakistan.

To visit his page, go to

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