Samsung Bada still couple of months away

Samsung BadaThere have been rumors and gossips about Samsung’s Wave, the first phone to come on Samsung Bada platform. Samsung Bada is a smart phone platform to add to an already existing mix of a number of platforms already available like iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Nokia Ovi, Android.

Now Samsung has confirmed that Samsung Wave is not coming and it will start becoming available in June 2010. Those retailers who were taking pre-orders and were expecting the phone to be available in April will have to change their order taking page.

If you are a Samsung fan and have been waiting for Samsung Wave, you’ll have to wait for another two good months. Samsung Bada platform is also open for the developers who want to develop apps for this new upcoming platform. Samsung has been a strong platform but as a mobile apps developer, its going to be a hard question to answer: Are you ready to develop apps for a platform that will start getting into the user’s hands after a quarter?

Facebook Pages go even more Weird – Fans become Likers

I already wrote a post on Facebook Privacy when it comes to Facebook pages and becoming fans. So if you became a fan of a page, the page can access quite some information of yours just as your friends can do. Isn’t that bizarre? Actually Facebook wants to try to make public, more and more ifnormation about the facebook users. Obviously, it cannot do it right away, so they keep changing their privacy policy and the way this site works.

Here is another weird change that eventually deceives the users. From now on, Facebook pages will not look for fans anymore. This is another trick Facebook is playing to bring more fans to the pages eventually. Fans will now be replaced with Likes. Huh? What does that mean? Well, if you click “Like” under the name of any Facebook page from now on, you will be added to the “Fans” of that page actually. Well, to be tricky, they don’t call them fans anymore. They call them the people who like this page.

So if you see a page for your street’s corner grocery store or a 1960 model car you liked in your childhood and you click “like” , you are added to the fans. Anything that is posted onto that page by the owner of the page as well as the fans (pardon, likers) of that page will start showing up in your news feed making your facebook experience more cluttered and messed up.

So, either you accept that fact that you’ll have more messed up Facebook experience due to these pages from now on, or you simply stop “Liking” things on Facebook.

Nokia comes with music lands in China

Nokia comes with musicNokia’s all you can eat music offer named “Nokia-Comes with music” allows a handset owner to download as many music as they can in a year. All you need to do is buy a phone which is labeled “Comes with music”. But this offer is not available everywhere in the world. How Ironic, isn’t it?

This offer has become available this week in China. As China is just next to my country, I wonder when this offer will become available in Pakistan. Nokia is the largest selling handset in Pakistan and this has been the case throughout the rise of the telecom industry in the country. There is a never ending demand of handsets in the country because more than 80 million mobile subscribers keep upgrading their handsets every now and then. Use of data services are becoming common as well. Anyone @ Nokia if read this,  please do consider offering this service in Pakistan. You’ll not regret it 😉

RIM’s BlackBerry has the largest smartphone share in US

According to an independent marketing research firm named comscore, BlackBerry has the largest smart phone share in US. Google has shown some serious improvement to 9% and Apple has been steady. This comparison shows the strength of RIM in the region. Those who are planning to build their business around BlackBerry should have additional level of confidence in the brand now.

Comscore, BlackBerry share in US

Both Microsoft and Palm have lost their share as compared to Nov 2009.

Crysis 2 by Electronic Arts- Coming in 2010

I know 2010 holidays are three quarters away but EA’s announcement and this promo video forced me to force about Crysis 2. Crysis 2 is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 platform by end of this year. Crysis has been a benchmark for the enthusiast PC gamers pushing the graphics to the limits and challenging the GPU capabilities. Here’s the video for you, that made me jump out of my chair.

For more information, see the official Crysis site Site: goes WordPress

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