ROFL @Apple – How do you hold your Nokia?

There have been news and posts all around that Apple has advised iPhone 4 owners not to hold it in a specific way to avoid any signal dropping issues. I’ve not tried the new iPhone (nor am looking forward to) but Nokia has posted a comprehensive post on “How to hold  your Nokia” and they make the point absolutely clear that you won’t lose any signal, no matter how you hold the phone. Sarcasm at it’s best!

Following is the number of ways in which you can hold a Nokia phone :p

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BlackBerry Facebook page reaches one million fans

BlackBerry’s Facebook page has crossed one million users mark today. Are you a fan yet? Research in motion is the second most popular operating system in the world. According to a report by gartner, number of handsets sold running Symbian OS was highest in the world with RIM’s BlackBerry OS on the  second postion. Following table lists the most sold handsets by operating system. Apple’s iPhone OS is on number 3. Following table shows the list for Q1 2010.

Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System in 1Q10 (Thousands of Units)

Company 1Q10


1Q10 Market Share (%) 1Q09


1Q09 Market Share (%)
Symbian 24,069.8 44.3 17,825.3 48.8
Research In Motion 10,552.6 19.4 7,533.6 20.6
iPhone OS 8,359.7 15.4 3,848.1 10.5
Android 5,214.7 9.6 575.3 1.6
Microsoft Windows Mobile 3,706.0 6.8 3,738.7 10.2
Linux 1,993.9 3.7 2,540.5 7.0
Other OSs 404.8 0.7 445.9 1.2
Total 54,301.4 100.0 36,507.4 100.0

Source: Gartner

Google Voice – No more free internationl SMS

Google Voice SMSI covered it earlier that Google Voice offers unlimited SMS worldwide. I think somebody in Google read our post and took the action. International SMS are not going out anymore. Google Voice is officially available in US only and you can sign up for an account only if you are  in US and you register at least one of  your existing US phone number with it. You can still send SMS / Text messages within US from your Google Voice account.

LHC Orders ban of Google, Amazon, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, YouTube and Bing

This is interesting to see that Lahore High Court has once again ordered to ban 9 sites including Google, Amazon, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Youtube and Bing in Pakistan. Quite interestingly, 3 of these are popular search engines and usually do not have content of their own. According to a news article, the decision has been taken as a result of a petition submitted in high court stating that these sites are posting sacrilegious material. The sites are accused of publishing blasphemous materials and twisting the facts and figure of Holy Quran.

PTA has already been in trouble with all these bans and blocking going around, some security breaches letting people log on to others’ accounts on facebook and twitter and now this new ban will put them to some real hard work. Court has ordered chariman PTA to appear in the court with all the relevant material no 28th June 2010. This ban has to be implemented immediately.

Please note that some of the social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Flickr were blocked earlier due to publishing blasphemous material. This blocking was also done by PTA after orders from Lahore High Court.

** Update ** – June 23 – Noon PST
No sites have yet been blocked. Facebook is apparently not among the 9 banned sites.

Download BlackBerry App World in an unsupported country

** Update **

Guys, following post is no more valid. Even if you get App World on your phone, it will not connect to the server as long as you are in an un-supported country connected through an un-supported career.

BlackBerry App WOrldBlackBerry App Worldis RIM’s official application store for BlackBerry Apps. Quite interestingly, the app store is not available in all countries. There is a list of countries that are supported and many countries are left out. The store is available in countries like United Sates, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany France and a few more to buy and download apps. In addition, App World is also available in some countries where people can only download Free apps. They cannot buy these apps. App World with free-apps-only mode is available in countries like China, Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Thailand etc. You can view the whole list of supported countries here.

If you are not in a country where BlackBerry app world is supported, you are out of luck. You can’t download the app world from RIM’s website. Though we have a bit of a workaround for that. You can user your BlackBerry browser to hit this link : . Make sure you open it using your BlackBerry phone, not your PC browser to launch the installer that will install BlackBerry app world  on your phone. Please note that you will not be able to buy or view any paid app but you will be able to download, use and review the free apps at least.


I have tested this link on BlackBerry Bold 9700 as well as on a Storm 9530. Let me know if it works for your or not.

Win a Free Nokia E73 – Nokia Scavenger Hunt

Nokia E73 Mode
Nokia E73 Mode

Win a newly launched E73 querty phone with a Symbian Series 60 OS, Qwerty keyboard, 5 Megapixel camera and a host of standard features you’ll expect in a Nokia Smartphone. The phone is scheduled to start shipping on 16th of June in US on T-Mobile. If you want to buy it in US, it will cost you just $69.99 with a two years contract and if you want to get it for free, you should head to the Nokia scavenger hunt that is giving away a free Nokia -E73 in US. The competition is not limited to USA. If you are outside US, you can win a good phone (identity not revealed yet) by playing this hunt.

To win the phone you have to give answer to 10 simple quesionts and email them to . Make sure you send it from your ovi account, or  you will disqualify. Here’s the list of the questions you have to answer.

Best  of Luck!

Do let us know if you win this phone. Nokia is good at giving away free phones. I remember winning a Nokia N82 in a competition a couple of years ago.

***Update ***

This has been confirmed. Those who take part in this competition outside US have a chance to win E72. That’s a decent device to win for free 😉

Blog Awards Pakistan on

Nokia in PakistanAll Pakistani bloggers know about Pakistan Blog Awards 2010. I’m happy to see a post on Nokia’s website. The post is more of a question answers session with  Adeel Hashmi, Communications Manager – Near East, Nokia. Adeel believes that the technology is playing its role and it has helped masses, especially people from lower economic group of Pakistan, improve their lives. You can read rest of the post here.

I carry an LED TV in my pocket

Remember Samsung Wave I mentioned a couple of posts ago? The biggest wow factor of the phone is the AMOLED screen. It gives me the feel as if I’m carrying a full fledged LED TV in my pocket. With amazing video player and DivX capability, the phone plays great videos and the colors are so crisp.

The video recorder adds to the feeling as it’s a 720p HD video recorder too. You can even watch the videos you recorded if you don’t have any movies loaded up in the phone as yet. BTW, Samsung wave has started shipping in Europe already. You can simply google a store that can ship you that?

I’m pretty excited to know that Nokia N8 that is also launching in next couple of months will have an AMOLED screen as well.

Nokia N8 – My next love

Nokia N8
Nokia N8

At iPhone 4’s launch, I will not be talking about Apple here. What I’m after is a Nokia N8 now. I’m anxiously waiting for its launch. Since its announcement on 28th May, I’ve been counting every moment till I can get hold of this device. I’m not going to make it a long discussion but at this point in time, Nokia N8 is going to be the best feature set device. I know I’m a bit biased here but I can’t help supporting Nokia 🙂

Here are a few things that make me crave for Nokia N8

  • A 12 mega pixel camera
  • A lovely Xenon flash to support the camera
  • 720p HD video recording at 25 FPS
  • 3D Graphics hardware accelerator with OpenGL ES 2.0 support
  • HDMI TV out
  • Huge set of programming options in form of supported APIs
  • Dual microphone for stereo audio recording
  • 16GB onboard memory and a slot for more. You can add a Micro SD card
  • Thats not it, you can use ANY USB storage media, external hard drive etc to add storage capability
  • DivX video playback support
  • Amazing web browser
  • And other usual stuff – that is not that ordinary by the way 🙂

You can read the full set of features of the phone here.