BlackBerry Bold 9700 running OS 6

I’ve been dieing to get my hands on to OS 6 on my Bold 9700 and here’s a video by boygenius that shows OS 6 running on a BlackBerry Bold 9700. The OS is much more snappier and quicker on 9700 than on a torch according to this video. The video shows how the new BB browser works and how the new camera interface is different from the OS 5.x.


iPhone can’t receive calls while GPRS/EDGE connected

iPhone GPRS Call FailureiPhone users, if you are a fan of GPRS/EDGE data use and you have an unlimited plan, the chances are that while you are downloading your favorite songs or apps over EDGE, you’re missing some important calls. The calls get redirected to the voice mail or simply get a not-available message.

This article on Apple’s support website clearly mentions this shortcoming:

If not on 3G, while iPhone is actively transferring data over the cellular data network—downloading a webpage, for example—you may not be able to receive calls. Incoming calls may go to voicemail.

I was shocked when I came to know this because I’ve been a GPRS freak with unlimited data since it became availaable in my country. On smartphones like BlackBerry and Android, it is obvious that your phone is almost always sending and/or receiving data. This means, the phone should simply refuse to receive any calls? The way above issue has been mentinoed as a “Note”, I don’t think Apple is thinking of finding a solution to this problem.

Happy using Apple’s iPhone 😉

Floods in Pakistan – Where to donate?

Floods PakistanPakistan is going through one of the worst natural disaster it has ever faced. Around 20 million people have been adversely affected and extraordinary damage has been caused to the damage. If you are looking to donate money to help flood relief activities (especially if you are not in Pakistan) and are looking for a reliable organization, here are a few links:

Donate via SMS if you are in USA

If you are in US, UNHRC is accepting donations via SMS (Text Message). Please text “SWAT” to 50555 and donate $10.

Donate via Google’s page

Google has recently launched their flood relief related page. The page allows you to:

  • Stay updated with flood related news.
  • Allows you to donate money to help flood relief through UNICEF and Islamic Relief
  • A tool that lists the hospitals and related resources throughout Pakistan
  • Satellite imagery of effected areas.

Donate now Via Google’s page

Donate via

MJSF in collaboratio with Naseeb networks is also collecting donations online for flood relief. You can learn more about their efforts on .

Donate in your own country

If you are looking for organizations accepting donations in your own country, please visit this page to find the list of organizations in different countries.

BlackBerry 9700 No Signal Drop on Holding The Phone

Steve Jobs in his press conference defending iPhone 4’s antenna fault displayed 3 different phones including a BlackBerry Bold 9700 showing a drop in signal when holding the phone in such a way that the hand was touching the metal ring around the phone. Well that’s the most obvious way of holding the phone anyways. I’ve been trying to regenerate the signal drop issue on different networks, different areas of the city and even different different BlackBerry phones and I’ve failed to regenerate the signal drop situation. The only thing that’s missing in my area is an AT&T network :p

See following video in which I’ve tried to hold tight my BlackBerry 9700 Bold and not a single bar drop of signal.

SSL Certificate Authority Verisign taken over by Thawte

Less popular code signing and SSL Certificate authority Thawte announced today that they have completed the acquisition process of the secure certificates business of VeriSign. The digital certificates business of VeriSign will now be under Symantec, that is the parent entity of Thawte. Server hosting and domains business will still stay with Verisign.

BlackBerry 9300 Curve launched in Canada

BlackBerry Curve 9300Canada based Research In Motion announces the launch of BlackBerry curve 9300 and this 3G phone worth $399 is available on Rogers contract for as low as $79.99. RIM’s site still says “Coming Soon” in USA.

The phone looks pretty similar to Bold 9700. A quick look at the phone comparison shows that it is pretty much a BlackBerry bold 9700 with only a lower resolution screen (320×240), lower resolution camera (2 megapixel), a lower battery capacity and it doesn’t come with a holster in standard packaging.

You can see the detailed comparison of the two devices here.

Google Wave is dead – Long live the web

Google Wave

I’ve been using Google Wave for quite some time now but I admit, I couldn’t find many active users and the use was very limited. A communication and collaborative discussion tool without many users is useless. Google Wave has not seen a wide spread user adoption and due to the same reason, Google has decided to stop further development on Google Wave. The Wave site will be up till the end of the year but at the end of the day, the project is dead.

Web has seen so many interesting and exciting solutions that could not find a commercial success. Google Wave will always be remembered for being super-innovative and I’m sure we’ll see the same concept growing up in one or more of Google’s other products to make them even better.

Call for donations – Floods in Pakistan

Flood Relief Efforts in Pakistan 2010

Pakistan has been hit by massive flood and some sources say it’s the worst flood in last 80 years. Natural disaster cannot go worse than that. According to UNICEF, there are around three million people who need immediate help out of which around 1.5 million are children. There are several flood relief efforts going on and no government and no single organization can run such a huge relief effort. All of us have to stand up and help in the relief efforts.

This post is to request you to donate more and more money to the cause. You can do that buy donating to UNICEF’s Pakistan Flood Children relief fund. In addition to Unicef, following is a detailed list of organizations that are raising funds and actively participating in flood relief efforts around the world. If you know of more organizations that have not been mentioned here, please leave contact details in comments.

Following list has been taken from


Helping Hands

Islamic Relief

Muslim Hands:

Muslime Aid:



Islamic Relief USA

UM Healthcare Trust:


Islamic Relief


Muslim Hands:

Islamic Relief UK– Pakistan Flood Emergency:

Muslime Aid:


Edhi Foundation:

Al-Khidmat Foundation:

UM Healthcare Trust:

Pakistan Red Crescent Society:

(Aamer Abdullah) Allied Bank limited, university town branch, Peshawar

The following are account details.

Account number: 1353-8, Account title: Akhuwat e Sarhad

Bank: Allied Bank limited, university town branch, Peshawar, Branch code: 0321.

The above details are for those inside Pakistan. For those donating from outside, we advise to pool the donations with one single person and then transfer in bulk. This will reduce transfer charges.


Red Cross Germany – Pakistan Flood EmergencyClick here

Aktion Deutschland Hilft – [SMS/Call] Option as well

Flut & Überschwemmung in Pakistan Jetzt spenden:

Aktion Deutschland Hilft Spendenkonto: 10 20 30 BLZ 370 205 00, Sozialbank Köln Stichwort:

Flut Pakistan Mit einer SMS helfen:Stichwort Pakistan an die 8 11 90 senden (5 € zzgl. üblicher SMS-Gebühr, 4,83 € gehen direkt an Aktion Deutschland Hilft)

Islamic Relief Germany

There is no official call yet but we will update once it is there.

United Arab Emirites (UAE)

“Pakistan Association Dubai” – Contact on following local telephone numbers:

Anas: 04-3373632, 3377678; Inayat Rahman: 050-6317131; Ayub Afridi: 050-4545106; Khayal Zaman Aurakzai: 050-6287655; Ghazi Marjan Aurakzai: 050-6469910; Asam-u-Din Aurakzai: 050-7144992.


Islamic Relief NL

There is no official call yet but we will update once it is there.


Islamic Relief Switzerland

There is no official call yet but we will update once it is there.

BlackBerry apps that add value to your phone – Part 2

I’ve already posted a number of useful apps that you should at least have on your BlackBerry phones to start with. Today I’ll give you a few more apps links to try out. If you have not tried these apps out, I’m sure you’ll love them. Here is today’s list:

Quick Search with Google

Quick Google Search This app will allow you to search the web using the popular Google Search and its very quick to use. Doesn’t sound too interesting of you think the browser is good enough? Just give it a try, its free. Download here.


AOL Instant Messenger

Have you been using AOL messenger for your instant  messaging and you have all your friends on AOL? Just download this free app by RIM and stay in touch with your friends on your BB. Here’s the download link.



ICQ for BlackBerryDo I need to say more? This is obviously instant messageing clicent for ICQ and you can download it here.



BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry App World DownloadLast but not least, this is where all the other apps reside. Yes, BlackBerry app world is the on-device application store where you can download and buy apps for your BlackBerry. Most probably your phone came pre-installed with this app, if not, you can go to the download site and download the app world.

This concludes the two-part posts series that showcases RIM’s own applications that you should always have on your device to increase productivity and access to your social networks. We will also see some useful third-party apps in my posts to come.