PSP Phone on its way

PSP Android Phone by Sony Ericsson
PSP Android Phone by Sony Ericsson

PSP gamers can now rejoice as they do not have to carry a cellphone as well as a PSP. SonyEricssson’s android based gaming console mobile phone has been spotted as posted by this Mobile Crunch post.

The device clearly runs on Android OS and has a slide out controller. I really like the idea as I always hated the slide out keyboard on droid, while the on-screen keyboard is a breeze. PSP phone is expected to download the games that run on this device off an independent game-store, which possibly means that this device will have two different app-stores. PSP (whatever) store for games and android market for normal android apps and games.

PSP Gaming phone with Android

I’m sure these early shots are showing just an early version and the keypad etc will get better with time and the actual release will have a better game-pad section. No release dates, model numbers or other information is available except the fact that it will have a 1Ghz Qualcomm processor, 512 MB ram, 1GB Rom and a Micro SD slot.

Read the original post here.

Gmail Priority Inbox is here

Another innovative way of prioritizing your email, and it’s again by Gmail. All of us receive a lot of spam that already gets filtered by the Gmail spam engine. This feature is about more important and less important emails. Gmail will learn about your email with time, which emails are more important and which are less important ones. With help of this information, Gmail will show emails in three sections namely Important, Starred and Everything else. The emails that you read more often and reply to will automatically get higher in priority. You can also mention which emails are important and which of them are not.

You good old Inbox is always there if you are not very happy with the priority inbox. This feature works with standard Gmail as well as on Google Apps mail for domains and works pretty good already in its beta. To try out Gmail priority inbox, simply log on to your google mail/Gmail account and look for the red link that says “New Priority Inbox Beta”.

To learn more about the feature, watch following video:

How Google Apps can help in classrooms

When I was in school, the Internet did not exist at all. I’m really happy for some of the kids if not all of them, to have access to the tools that prepare them for the future. While I go down the memory lane to thank all my teachers, I want you to please watch this video shared by Google discussing how Google apps can help school children to learn better and how they can be beneficial for the teachers in the classrooms.

Once you have seen above video, I want all you thinkers to suggest, how can we use technology in our schools in Pakistan, where access to technology is scarce and drive to bring the change is very low. I don’t say that the traditional teaching methods are incorrect, but we need to bring the change, jump ans skip the techniques being used in recent past by the modern school systems and to adopt the latest teaching and learning methodologies in our classrooms.  What do you think?

Nokia N8 available from Ufone in Pakistan – Price Revealed

Nokia N8 Ufone Pakistan PriceHave you been waiting for Nokia N8, the next big phone by Nokia in a long long time? Yes I want that 12 megapixel camera, yes I want that 720p HD widescreen recording and the HDMI output, yes I need the Symbian ^3 and the wait is over. You can order your N8 now from Ufone (obviously within Pakistan).

The details are that Nokia and Ufone have decided to launch the phone at a special price. I’m not sure when the phone will  be available in market but it is available now pre-order for Rs. 42000. ( USD 487 or 350 Euro). You’ll not get the phone right away. You pay Rs. 5000 for booking and as soon as it arrives, you’ll get one (apparently around 15th October). Moreover, this is announced as a special discounted Ufone+Nokia launch price which is even less than the announced price of EUR 380+.

If you can’t wait to see this device, just visit your nearest Ufone customer care center.See this link for more details and a list of service centers where the phone is available for you to check out.

Android Apps Sellers welcome from 20 more countries

Android Market has announced addition of another 20 countries from where you can sell your Android apps. Free apps distribution was already available in all these countries. Here’s the announcement:

Effective today, developers from 20 additional countries (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan) can now sell paid apps on Android Market. Over the next 2 weeks, users from 18 new countries (Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, and Taiwan) will be able to purchase paid apps from Android Market.

Get ready for useless apps flooding App World

BlackBerry App World has been quite a decent place to get apps for your phone. If you are a BlackBerry user, you know what I mean, and if you don’t, you will see the change very soon because of the two announcements, one of which came just a couple of days ago.

BlackBerry waives the registration and submission fees

Though, the site says it’s a limited time offer, which it really could be, but I can predict that it will continue to be a permanent offer. I have a reason to believe so, because App-World has been hungry for getting more content published by third party and grow the store very quickly. Moreover, the hunger is reflected in another change that came pretty much un-announced or was less visible.

BlackBerry App World accepts 0.99 and 1.99 apps now

This happened more than a month ago. Before that, the BlackBerry apps prices were restricted to be $2.99 as a minimum or Free if the vendor wants. The idea of adding smaller price slab possibility is to allow vendors to sell lesser value apps and to bring cut-throat competition causing users to pull down their app and content prices even lower than 2.99.

What Next?

On the positive side, BlackBerry App-World, with above two changes will drastically grow in next few months in terms of number of apps and themes available. The users will have a wider set of options when choosing and downloading apps.

On the down side, the users will come across more useless apps that usually don’t add any value for them. As a result they will end up wasting time and money on these apps, at least some of them will, till the app gets negative reviews to land at the bottom.

So, here we are with the change and lets watch it happening now!