Samsung terminates Symbian developer support

Samsung sends a reminder to Samsung app-developers today reminding them the termination date of Symbian developer support. Samsung will no more support Symbian app development on their handsets for obvious reasons. They are pushing hard with their BADA platform on some of their phones and Android on rest of their smart-phone family. The termination includes closure of Symbian on 29th December, Symbian forum gets closed on 30th December and Symbian content will be removed on 31st December.

BlackBerry Top App – Made in Pakistan

** Superb update — The Photo Editor app is now #1 on App World**

Photo Editor for BlackBerry is an easy to use and very useful app for Blackberry smart phones. It allows  you to edit your photos on the go and share it with friends and family. I’m proud to be part of the team who developed this simple Photo Editor app that has reached the top 5 apps on the BlackBerry’s official App-World. Photo Editor has also won the regional selection award and it has been labeled as BlackBerry Super App. Creativity at it’s best, made in Pakistan.

Want this super app? Click here to download from App-World.

You can read more about this super app here:

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How to use Photo Editor on Blackberry

TechLahore’s post about Photo Editor

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A simple Photo Editor walk-through

Don’t have access to BlackBerry App World, download the app from here.

Gmail Attachment Intelligence

Guess what, I wrote an email this morning and the body of the email said “I’ve attached something” in the body of the email and forgot to attach it. When I pressed the Send button, following message saved me from the trouble and I’m loving Google for one more reason now.

Google Maps 3D on Nexus S

Android users with Nexus S should watch this video for sure and those who are planning to get a new phone, Nexus S is recommended if not anything else, because of this 3d maps feature only.

How to submit BlackBerry PlayBook apps to App World

RIM’s BlackBerry playbook tablet is creating news and RIM is fully geared to get more app developers working on playbook apps. To make that more exciting, RIM has announced a free Playbook for all developers who submit their apps to the app-world before the device launch.

Details of the free PlayBook give away are still not clear  but you need to know how to upload these apps to App-World. Currently, publishers and partners have no way to do that. RIM is expected to announce the procedure of How to upload Playbook apps to App-World in their web-cast scheduled at 7pm GMT on Thursday, December 9th.

So if you are a developer and you are looking forward to learn how to submit your PlayBook apps to App-World, register for this web-cast now and let’s see what RIM’s got scheduled for us in this web-cast.

How to download Youtube videos on Android

Youtube is one of the world’s most popular website and the great idea behind the website is to share, stream and watch videos online. Android phones and devices have an amazing Youtube client and you can watch as much Youtube videos as you want if you are on WiFi network, but if you have an expensive data plan, you’ll  definitely feel the need to carry Youtube videos downloaded on the memory card. Well, that’s not right but we have a tool available that does the trick for you.

FREEdi downloader can be used to download Youtube videos onto the memory card of your android device. If you are not a music quality freak, you can also download only the sound out of the Youtube video and build a good collection of music by downloading it from Youtube.

As this is not the intended use of Youtube, the application is no more available from the official Android Market, but some other sites have the ,apk file available for download. If all this sounds interesting, you can click here to download the software.

Windows 7 phones in Lahore now -HTC HD-7

HTC-hd7- Windows Mobile 7Windows 7 mobile is creating news everywhere. Mobilink today has announced HTC HD-7 and it is exclusively available on Mobilink. The phone has quite good specs and what’s new is … errrrm…  Windows 7. You can get this great phone from Mobilink office for Rs. 55,999. You can get detailed specs of the phone here.

Word Target on Nokia OVI now

A highly addicting word-game that has been very popular on iPhone is now available on Nokia phones as well. This fun game challenges your vocabulary by asking you to make words from a given number of letters in a limited amount of time. The game requires your 100% attention and you can extend the available game-play time by quickly typing more words, as each word gives you more time as well as score.

This is the first game by to land in Ovi store and I’m a proud member of the team that developed this game 🙂

You can read more and download the game from here.