is down is a popular Pakistani news website. The site is found to be down with a message saying “Service not available”.

** Edit: 1:30pm local time (+5GMT)

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Inside look at BlackBerry PlayBook

While there’s a debate going on about the future of BlackBerry as whole and their only tablet Playbook in particular, I decided to tear open my playbook to see what’s inside. Well, a few things that were interesting are listed below:

  • More than 75% of the device was stuffed with a huge battery
  • Only thing that is noticeably visible other than the battery is the motherboard.
  • Both of these items are lying above an LCD.
  • There are only a few wires and connectors and rest is all clean hardware with minimum connectivity

Here are a few photos of the Playbook from inside.

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Let’s Eat Twitter

No doubt social media is popular all around the globe. Now people are naming their non-tech tangible products getting inspired from the virtual world and online media. Recent addition to that is Twitter. Though I did not like the taste of it, it did look tempting and I ended up buying a few of them.

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How did your site look in 1997?

I just came across this amazing web archive. If you had a website several years ago or you want to see how your favorite websites looked like a decade back, this is your best bet. I just dug up and found the face of my websites and it was really great to visit so many websites back in time. For example, this is how the Google logo looked like back in 1998/1999.

And this is how Apple’s website looked like in 1997.

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