Nokia 808 – 41 Megapixel coming in May 2012

Nokia has just announced their ground breaking 41 Megapixel camera with a phone built in. The device can take amazing 41 (effective 38) Megapixel still shots and a 1080p video recording capability. If you think your 12 Megapixel N8 is amazing, now is the time to stop thinking on those lines because this beast has a xenon flash as well.

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Karachi Emergency Numbers

If you are in Karachi and are looking fro emergency numbers, here they are in no particular order:

Police Emergency: 15

Ambulance: 115

Fire Brigade Center: 16

Edhi Blood Bank: +92 21 445105, +92 21 452815

St.John Ambulance: +92 21 7210600 / 500

Civil Hospital (Casualties): +92 21 7729719

Bomb Disposal: +92 21 2416626

Edhi Emergency. Center: +92 21 2310066, +92 21 2310077

Edhi Trust: +92 21 2310066

Hilal-e-Ahmar: +92 21 721359

Edhi Head Office: +92 21 2413232, +92 21 2413158

Red Crescent: +92 21 7213259, +92 21 5833973, +92 21 5836281

In charge Bomb Disposal Squad: +92 21 77226455

Central Fire Station: +92 21 9215007, +92 21 9215008

Box – How to add a huge drive to Windows – Unlimited storage possible

If you have not been considering cloud storage, I think it’s a bout time you should. Magnetic disks are unreliable, optical disks can go bad, tape drives can mess up but cloud storage with proper backup policies could be the best deal for your business or personal  back-ups. I have been using a few of such services personally and they are nothing less a life-saver. I’ve tried iDrive as well as Box and both are amazing services.

This post describes how can you mount Box account as a drive to your PC. After following these instructions, your Box account will be visible as a drive of your choice in your “Computer” (or My Computer).

How to mount Box as a drive on a Windows Computer

Follow the following steps to mount a drive on your computer: Continue reading “Box – How to add a huge drive to Windows – Unlimited storage possible”

Google Knows your Router Location – but it’s wrong

Like most of us Internet users, I use a few WiFi routers too. This post is to confirm that the Google Maps and Latitude team knows where exactly your WiFi router is placed. This information is loaded up on the Google servers and whenever somebody connects this WiFi router and uses Google Maps, it s hows you near that router. Pretty neat so far? Read on for a catch, a trouble and well, a kind-of solution.


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Speedometer for PlayBook

Speedometer for BlackBerry Playbook

I’m excited to announce that our app named Speedometer was available for Playbook OS 2.0 way before the OS was available for general public. You can download this GPS based speedometer app that shows both analog and digital speedometer on your Playbook screen. You can get it from App-World by hitting this link.

Or grab it via this QR-Code:

Downlaod Speedometer for Playbook vai this QR code

The app is also available for BlackBerry smartphones and Android smartphones from the respective app-stores.

The app features a GPS based speedometer that works on different scales including mph, kmph, meters per second, feet per second and knots. You can use the speedometer while riding a car, bus, train, ship or boat or anything that runs on the surface of earth.

Start the fun and download it today on your smart-phone or tablet.

Android Market link for Speedometer: Click Here

App World link for BlackBerry smartphone version: Click Here

Product Website:



BlackBerry App World and BIS working in Pakistan now!

Yeah, that’sso cool, BlackBerry App World as well as BlackBerry Internet Services – BIS is fully operational in Pakistan now. I’ve checked it both on Ufone as well as Mobilink. I can download both paid and free apps on my phone and playbook now. This means you’ll be reading more reviews of cool new BlackBerry apps on my blog now onwards.


Pakistan - BlackBerry App World - Research in Motion

How to download App World in Pakistan

If you are a BlackBerry user, first thing you should do is get hold of BlackBerry App World on your phone or PlayBook( if you don’t have it already). You can get it by hitting this link from your mobile or PlayBook tablet.

Payment Mode

To download paid BlackBerry apps, you can pay either via Credit Card or you can use a PayPal account. Please not, Paypal is not supported in Pakistan yet.