Happy Birthday Quaid

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was born on 25th December 1876. Wish our beloved Quaid lived a few more years. May Allah bless your soul and you attain very high ranks in hereafter.

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Track Santa’s Location on your mobile

Hey kids, now you can track Santa’s location and view it no map right on your mobile phone. The famous Santa Tracker app is now available on all popular mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry Smartphones and Tablets, Windows Mobile and more. You can track Santa’s location using  your mobile Phone’s GPS and special satellite equipment that this app uses to track his location. The app also features a Christmas countdown clock that ticks every second to the Christmas eve and a direct link to Santa’s inbox so that you can write messages to Santa and get responses from him.

You can download the app from one of the following links.

Download Santa Tracker for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Download Santa Tracker for Android phones and tablets

Download Santa Tracker for BlackBerry Mobile phones and Playbook Tablets

Download Santa Tracker for Windows Mobile 7 and Windows Mobile 8 phones and tablets.


Speedometer – released for iOS

We at Eccentrica Technologies have just released Speedometer app for iPhone and iPad. This GPS based Speedometer app lets you keep an eye on your speed whether you are in a car, a bus, a train, a boat, riding a bike, running on foot or even skiing downhill. The app shows an analog and digital speed of the device you’re carrying. You can also turn on a speed alarm to avoid traffic tickets and the iPhone can fit in your dashboard for replacing your old boring speedometer.

The app takes just a few moments to lock the GPS and you’re ready to go. Download this app today for iTunes store now.

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-speedometer/id582606409?mt=8

Google Apps for Business is no more free

I’ve been using Google Apps for business for quite some time. It’s an amazing service especially when it comes for free. This includes your own domain configured with Google mail, Google docs, Google Calendar and a number of Google services. Today we got email from Google intimating that this services is no more available for free. If you have a business and a domain name, you can still get this service for as low as $5 per user per month. You can find more details here: http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/business/pricing.html

Existing customers like me don’t have to panic yet, though you never know how it unfolds in near future. Existing Google apps accounts will continue to function as usual.

There’s a good news for educational institutions though. If you are a university or college with a .edu domain, you can still get this amazing service for free. Get your educational institution ported over to Google Apps using this quick link.

Santa Tracker for Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re sure kids are the most excited ones among all. The big question is, where is Santa Claus right now? This little app on your Windows phone can tell you Santa’s location on a neatly drawn Google map. If you have a Nokia Lumia 920 or another Windows 8 or Windows 7 phone, you can download this app from the windows marketplace.

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