How to pay Beaconhouse fee using Standard Chartered online banking in Pakistan

Well finally my wish has been granted and I can pay Beaconhouse school fee using my Standard Chartered bank account without even seeing a bankers’ face, literally. Well going to the bank is almost always a pain for me.

Initially I was trying to pay like this, but it didn’t work out. Without delay, lets see how we can pay the school fee through internet banking.

How to Pay — Tutorial

Step 1: Goto Standard Chartered Online Banking by visiting

Step 2: Click on “Online Banking”, and then “Continue to Login”

Step 3: Enter your SCB user name and password. (Obviously you need an internet banking account and an SCB account for that. Visit a nearest SCB branch for that.

Step 4: Click on “Payments” from the menu on the left

Step 5: From the bill payee type drop down, select “Education”

Step 6: From the “Bill Payee Name” select Beaconhouse School System

Step 7: Click on “Pay Bill” button.

Step 8: Enter the Chalan Form number that you got from the school.

Step 9: Press “Next” to confirm the payment details, make sure the student name is correct.

Please note you’re spending Rs. 25 extra for the amazing online service, I’ll even pay double of that. Remember not visiting the bank? You could spend more than that on parking outside the bank.

Step 10:  Click “Next” if you think the information is correct (it sure will be if you entered the right chalan number.

Step 11: Now you’ll recvive one SMS on your phone, and an email on your registered email address with secret codes called Email Pin and OTP. Enter them into appropriate boxes as shown below.

Step 12: Done!  If you have enough money in your account and the pin and otp are correct, you’ll be shown a success message.

Summary:  Well the process of entering the otp and pin is honestly a pain, but its less pain than going to the bank, so its definitely worth it. I think SCB and Beaconhouse should think of a way so that the payee can be added as a bill destination. SCB does that for all utility bills, you just add them once and pay them every month without hassle, from your mobile as well as from computer.

How not to pay the Beaconhouse school fee using SCB internet banking.

Well I tried logging in, and as a usual user, I tried adding Beaconhouse as my recursive payment destination, and to my surprise I couldn’t find the school.

While we still have a way to pay the fee, following are the problems we will face as we were not allowed to add Beaconhouse as a billing payment destination:

  1. Every time I make a payment, I’ll have to select the payee type, bill payee name, and enter the chalan form.
  2. Every time I make a payment, I have to enter the email pin and otp
  3. I will not be able to make the payment from the mobile banking
  4. If I have to pay 2 chalan forms on the same day, I have to repeate the process twice.

Well quite a few reasons but I’ll still prefer above method over


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