Speedometer for PlayBook

Speedometer for BlackBerry Playbook

I’m excited to announce that our app named Speedometer was available for Playbook OS 2.0 way before the OS was available for general public. You can download this GPS based speedometer app that shows both analog and digital speedometer on your Playbook screen. You can get it from App-World by hitting this link.

Or grab it via this QR-Code:

Downlaod Speedometer for Playbook vai this QR code

The app is also available for BlackBerry smartphones and Android smartphones from the respective app-stores.

The app features a GPS based speedometer that works on different scales including mph, kmph, meters per second, feet per second and knots. You can use the speedometer while riding a car, bus, train, ship or boat or anything that runs on the surface of earth.

Start the fun and download it today on your smart-phone or tablet.

Android Market link for Speedometer: Click Here

App World link for BlackBerry smartphone version: Click Here

Product Website: http://www.speedometer.mobi



BlackBerry App World and BIS working in Pakistan now!

Yeah, that’sso cool, BlackBerry App World as well as BlackBerry Internet Services – BIS is fully operational in Pakistan now. I’ve checked it both on Ufone as well as Mobilink. I can download both paid and free apps on my phone and playbook now. This means you’ll be reading more reviews of cool new BlackBerry apps on my blog now onwards.


Pakistan - BlackBerry App World - Research in Motion

How to download App World in Pakistan

If you are a BlackBerry user, first thing you should do is get hold of BlackBerry App World on your phone or PlayBook( if you don’t have it already). You can get it by hitting this link from your mobile or PlayBook tablet.

Payment Mode

To download paid BlackBerry apps, you can pay either via Credit Card or you can use a PayPal account. Please not, Paypal is not supported in Pakistan yet.

Photo Editor by Pepper.pk hits the top of the world, yet again.

I’m happy to share the news that Photo Editor, a BlackBerry app by Pepper.pk has hit the #1 slot on BlackBerry App World again. Photo Editor has been in top 20 apps since it hit the top slot back in December. The quality and features this app provides have won the hearts of BlackBerry users all around the world.






You can also download the app from App World and if you dont have access to App World, you can get it from Pepper.pk’s website.

BlackBerry app world seen on Playbook

BlackBerry app world on PlaybookRIM has already announced that Playbook apps will be distributed via App-World. Vendors have been given an interface for publishing apps for App-World already. Now we got to see a leaked shot of App-World running on RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook.

Unfortunately, not many details are available about the app-world.

BlackBerry Top App – Made in Pakistan

** Superb update — The Photo Editor app is now #1 on App World**

Photo Editor for BlackBerry is an easy to use and very useful app for Blackberry smart phones. It allows  you to edit your photos on the go and share it with friends and family. I’m proud to be part of the team who developed this simple Photo Editor app that has reached the top 5 apps on the BlackBerry’s official App-World. Photo Editor has also won the regional selection award and it has been labeled as BlackBerry Super App. Creativity at it’s best, made in Pakistan.

Want this super app? Click here to download from App-World.

You can read more about this super app here:

Buy from Blackberry App World

How to use Photo Editor on Blackberry

TechLahore’s post about Photo Editor

Green & White post about Photo Editor

A simple Photo Editor walk-through

Don’t have access to BlackBerry App World, download the app from here.

How to submit BlackBerry PlayBook apps to App World

RIM’s BlackBerry playbook tablet is creating news and RIM is fully geared to get more app developers working on playbook apps. To make that more exciting, RIM has announced a free Playbook for all developers who submit their apps to the app-world before the device launch.

Details of the free PlayBook give away are still not clear  but you need to know how to upload these apps to App-World. Currently, publishers and partners have no way to do that. RIM is expected to announce the procedure of How to upload Playbook apps to App-World in their web-cast scheduled at 7pm GMT on Thursday, December 9th.

So if you are a developer and you are looking forward to learn how to submit your PlayBook apps to App-World, register for this web-cast now and let’s see what RIM’s got scheduled for us in this web-cast.

Get ready for useless apps flooding App World

BlackBerry App World has been quite a decent place to get apps for your phone. If you are a BlackBerry user, you know what I mean, and if you don’t, you will see the change very soon because of the two announcements, one of which came just a couple of days ago.

BlackBerry waives the registration and submission fees

Though, the site says it’s a limited time offer, which it really could be, but I can predict that it will continue to be a permanent offer. I have a reason to believe so, because App-World has been hungry for getting more content published by third party and grow the store very quickly. Moreover, the hunger is reflected in another change that came pretty much un-announced or was less visible.

BlackBerry App World accepts 0.99 and 1.99 apps now

This happened more than a month ago. Before that, the BlackBerry apps prices were restricted to be $2.99 as a minimum or Free if the vendor wants. The idea of adding smaller price slab possibility is to allow vendors to sell lesser value apps and to bring cut-throat competition causing users to pull down their app and content prices even lower than 2.99.

What Next?

On the positive side, BlackBerry App-World, with above two changes will drastically grow in next few months in terms of number of apps and themes available. The users will have a wider set of options when choosing and downloading apps.

On the down side, the users will come across more useless apps that usually don’t add any value for them. As a result they will end up wasting time and money on these apps, at least some of them will, till the app gets negative reviews to land at the bottom.

So, here we are with the change and lets watch it happening now!