Google Plus – Android app and Invites

I’m sure you must have heard about Google+ by now, it’s yet another social network by Google. It feels that they are palnning to do it right this time, let’s see how good it will be in the days to come. All we can do is jump in, try using it and give our feedback. So first thing first, how to get into Google+.

How to get invited to Google+

If you do not have an invite yet, just leave your comment here and I’ll try to invite you to the network right away.

How to invite friends to Google+

Once you are in, its simple to invite friends. If you do not have any invites explicitly available, just create a stream (your new status) and add more people to share with, type in all the email address you want to invite here and as soon as you press the “Share” button, everyone listed will get an email invite.

How to get Google+ Android app

Simply go to from your Android browser. This should work for most of you. If your market says it’s not available, dont panic, you can get the APK file right from one of the links below. Download the apk file, load it up on your phone’s memory card and open it to install Google+. Do leave a comment if this works for you 🙂

Android based Playstation phone caught on videos

SonyEricsson’s Android based PSP phone caught on video for us. This is really exciting to finally see a phone with dedicated gaming keys. Playing games on touchscreen is fun but the conventional gaming keys have a lot of value. The phone has the four direction keys, four action keys conventionally found on the PSP and a few more controls. The touchscreen, accelerometer and orientation sensing adds loads of value on top of the Android operating system.

PSP Android Phone

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Google Maps 3D on Nexus S

Android users with Nexus S should watch this video for sure and those who are planning to get a new phone, Nexus S is recommended if not anything else, because of this 3d maps feature only.

How to download Youtube videos on Android

Youtube is one of the world’s most popular website and the great idea behind the website is to share, stream and watch videos online. Android phones and devices have an amazing Youtube client and you can watch as much Youtube videos as you want if you are on WiFi network, but if you have an expensive data plan, you’ll  definitely feel the need to carry Youtube videos downloaded on the memory card. Well, that’s not right but we have a tool available that does the trick for you.

FREEdi downloader can be used to download Youtube videos onto the memory card of your android device. If you are not a music quality freak, you can also download only the sound out of the Youtube video and build a good collection of music by downloading it from Youtube.

As this is not the intended use of Youtube, the application is no more available from the official Android Market, but some other sites have the ,apk file available for download. If all this sounds interesting, you can click here to download the software.

Google 411 No More

Google 411 was a local service in US to search local businesses and places by just dialing 1800-Goog411. Google has recently pulled the plug on the service and it is not available for the users anymore. Quite interestingly it has been the tool not only to provide free POI, people and telephone number searching for general public, but it has also been a great way of training Google’s voice recognition engine.

I believe not many people are using this tool now as everyone is now moving on to the smarter phones like iPhone, Android, BlackBerries or Windows 7 phones. Google has also found better ways of training it’s voice engine to further perfection.

Google Voice transcribes users’ calls that end up in the voice mail and sends it as emails etc. Android phones are also doing lots of searching and other commands based voice commands and all these tools are helping Google’s engine to learn how it can take voice recognition to the next level.

As a result, Google Mobile has announced support for African languages like Zulu and Afrikaans. They will also support voice recognition for South African accented English language as well. Read more about it here.

PSP Phone on its way

PSP Android Phone by Sony Ericsson
PSP Android Phone by Sony Ericsson

PSP gamers can now rejoice as they do not have to carry a cellphone as well as a PSP. SonyEricssson’s android based gaming console mobile phone has been spotted as posted by this Mobile Crunch post.

The device clearly runs on Android OS and has a slide out controller. I really like the idea as I always hated the slide out keyboard on droid, while the on-screen keyboard is a breeze. PSP phone is expected to download the games that run on this device off an independent game-store, which possibly means that this device will have two different app-stores. PSP (whatever) store for games and android market for normal android apps and games.

PSP Gaming phone with Android

I’m sure these early shots are showing just an early version and the keypad etc will get better with time and the actual release will have a better game-pad section. No release dates, model numbers or other information is available except the fact that it will have a 1Ghz Qualcomm processor, 512 MB ram, 1GB Rom and a Micro SD slot.

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Android Apps Sellers welcome from 20 more countries

Android Market has announced addition of another 20 countries from where you can sell your Android apps. Free apps distribution was already available in all these countries. Here’s the announcement:

Effective today, developers from 20 additional countries (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan) can now sell paid apps on Android Market. Over the next 2 weeks, users from 18 new countries (Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, and Taiwan) will be able to purchase paid apps from Android Market.

Mobilink Milestone Launch and a free phone :)

What a day in the life of a blogger!

It all started when the whole local blogger community was invited to the launch event by Mobilink and Google to join hands and make good use of the social media and blogger community to create a stir in the online world and announce the launch of the Motorola Milestone. The launch event was quite a happening event right from the beginning with free giveaway key chain with a 50 year calendar, red bull servings and a cool setting altogether.

I thought I’m the last person to reach as I got quite late though I found out the event is yet to start when I finally reached the venue. The event was all about Mobilink, its new handset Motorola Milestone and obviously the Android 2.1 OS by Google. The session was really interactive with not only speeches but discussions, interaction with the audience, several interesting competitions including sms speed typing test but the biggest of them all was a free Motorola Milestone Giveaway.

And guess what? Yours truly (yeah that’s me) ended up winning the big prize. What was the competition? Well it was “Post a Facebook status about the launch event and get most comments on it“. I’m highly grateful to my friends and fellows who commented on my status and by the time the comments counting began, I had more than 800 comments on  my status. Woohooo!! While there were many close competitors, the phone lands in my hands and now I’m the first proud user of Mobilink Motorola Milestone. My free gift pack comes with a Mobilink Motorola Milestone  handset with an 8 GB of Micro SD card and a beautiful charging doc that I use more for watching videos now 🙂  . Thank you very much Mobilink for a great free phone and an amazing evening.

More about the phone

Motorola Milestone is an Android 2.1 smart phone with a 3.7 inch multi touch TFT screen with a slide keyboard. This is the same phone that is known as Motorola Droid out there in US. The black colored device has a 5 megapixel camera and features a ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz processor for normal processing and PowerVR SGX530 for graphics. You can find more details about the phone here.

Google Motorola Milestone

The phone has been introduced in Pakistan by Mobilink exclusively and the latest 2.1 version of Android OS is the biggest attraction for me. When you  buy this phone from Mobilink, you get 3 months of GPRS/EDGE free and I’m waiting for a referral code that Mobilink promised. Once I have the referral link, I’ll update this post and you’ll get some discount on your purchase. So if you are looking for an Android phone locally, why buy used T-Mobile Androids? Go for a Motorola Milestone.

T-Mobile retires HTC G1 today :(

HTC G1 Android on T-Mobile

G1 is the first phone to be launched on Android OS and it becomes a very valueable “first” pioneering the Android revolution. I’ve been using this handset for a long time now and this post at Mobile Crunch proved to be emotionally touching for me. The post says:

Today saw T-Mobile finally retiring the venerable G1, forerunner to the ongoing Android revolution. I’ve been using a G1 since launch, so this is an emotional moment for me. Let’s just take a quick trip down memory lane out of respect for a solid phone.

The HTC G1 had its first peek in technical drawings back in August of 2008. Its pricing and availability was rumored a few days later, and it was spotted in the wild and leaked by T-Mobile a few days before the official launch. We philosophized, we tested, and eventually we reviewed.

Technology moves fast and leaves behind you a lot of memories and obsolete, marvelous pieces of engineering and design that you once loved and may keep loving forever.

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BlindType for TouchScreen Phones

We’ve seen several variants of touchscreen typing mechanisms but BlindType is too good to be true. Watch this video how they use this virtual keyboard, once mastered will not require any keys shown on screen, saving valuable screen space for you. See BlindType in action in this video: