Nokia XL and me

Nokia is my first love for mobiles and Android is my current favorite operating system. While Nokia is slowly moving away from Symbian, more Nokias are coming on Windows Mobile OS. The recent interesting development is an Android based Nokia. Well, not very recent but the news isn’t that old. Why I’m writing this post here? I’ve finally got a chance to play around with a Nokia running it’s  modified version of Android OS. The new platform is called Nokia X and the phone I have in my hand right now is called Nokia XL. It’s not the first phone on Nokia X platform but my first Android Nokia.

It’s been only a few hours I’ve got it so can’t say much about it but this place is about to get filled with a lot of Nokia XL stuff, so stay tuned.

Here are a few photos form my pre-unboxing post 🙂



Android on Nokia, my dream come true!


Nokia X

I always wanted Nokia phones to run Android OS. Here comes the day when the dream comes true. Now begins an era of Nokia’s hardware strength and Android’s OS marvel to work together and the phones will soon be in the hands of end users (yes you).

While Nokia is trying to keep themselves as far as possible from Google services for obvious reasons, this does not mean the users, developers and even phone sellers have anything to loose here. This is an amazing development where Nokia is trying to help drive more and more users to Microsoft services including Skype and Sky Drive (recently renamed to OneDrive)  using Google’s Android OS.

So if you are a grumpy Nokia users and a loyal customer, grab a Nokia X phone in near future and I’m sure you’ll have way better set of software apps available on Nokia X than your old Symbian or Nokia OS phone. Win-win for the Nokia user, whether you pick a Windows Phone or Nokia X (Android) phone.

For developers, it creates a whole new market too. Time port your apps to Nokia X fellows, just visit this site to get started.



Nokia Lumia 1520 mini to be launched soon

Nokia Lumia 1520Do you like a  6 inch screen smartphone? Or is it too big to fit in the pocket or when using it with one hand? Well there are several people who thinks that Nokia Lumia 1520 is too big but are too impressed with its outstanding features. What if Nokia launch a device which is slightly smaller in the size but provide the luxury of same features as Nokia Lumia 1520. The people who want a smaller Nokia Lumia 1520 can have their dream device as Nokia is planning to launch the Nokia Lumia 1520 mini which is rumored to be having 4.3 inch screen, the resolution of the device will be same as Nokia Lumia 1520 mini which is 1920*1020 pixels. The Nokia Lumia 1520 mini will be featuring a 14mp camera and 3000 mAh battery making Nokia Lumia 1520 mini a powerful device. The Nokia Lumia is expected to launch this April. The Window phone 8.1 is coming this April and Nokia Lumia 1520 mini is rumored to be launched just after the release of the Windows Phone 8.1. Will it be featuring Windows Phone 8.1 OS aswell? Only time will tell.

Nokia Lumia 1520 for just $49.99

Nokia Lumia 1520 The Nokia Lumia 1520 a Phablet launched a month back by Nokia is available for an amazing price,  it is available for just $49.99. Yes it is true Nokia Lumia 1520 is available for just $49.99 on Amazon. The Nokia Lumia 1520 an amazing Window Phone featuring a huge 6″ inch display, the largest Window Phone packed with exciting features for just $49.99 is an awesome deal.  You can check the specs and features of Nokia Lumia by clicking on the following link “Nokia Lumia 1520 specs and features“. The offer from Amazon makes the Nokia Lumia 1520 a must buy device as it is available for just $49.99 on a two year contract with At&T. The device is available in three colors i.e Black, Red and White. You can buy the Nokia Lumia 1520 of the color of your choice from the links below. So what are waiting for? Click the links below to get the device for just $49.99 on this new year and start 2014 with Nokia Lumia 1520.

Instagram for Nokia Lumia now available

InstagramThe all famous photo sharing app Instagram is now available on the Nokia Lumia. It’s been while since the users of Nokia of Lumia were requesting for the Instagram app on their smartphones, now their demand is fulfilled as Instagram is now availble on Nokia Lumia. You can edit, share photos with your friends through the Instagram and stream through the photos shared by your friends. The Nokia users can enjoy the Instagram on their Lumia devices just go to the Windows store and search for the Instagram.

Dual sim Window Phone coming soon

Nokia Windows Phone The dual sim phones are quite useful, especially in the countries where the call chargers are on the high side when calling on different networks. There are alot of dual sims from Nokia already present and quite famous aswell. Nokia has produced many dual phones but they have not launched a dual sim Window Phone yet. The dual sim Windows phone can be very big hit if it comes to the market and there are rumors that a Dual sim Windows Phone Moneypenny is coming soon. The news are not yet confirmed, but the chances are quite high for the Windows Dual sim phone to hit the market soon. The dual sim Windows Phone will hopefully be another hit, as the dual sim phones are quite popular. We don’t know about the specs or the lunch date of the Nokia dual sim Windows phone, but we will keep you updated as soon we get more details.