How to use Nintendo Wii controller with your Nokia Phone

Just did bit of a hack and it feels so good to control this Nokia phone running Symbian with Nintendo Wii controller. The feel is even greater when you play a game using this remote when your Phone is connected to a TV via TV-out cable. Please note this solution only works on Symbian S60, Symbian ^3 and Symbian Anna and has been tested on a Nokia N8 with Symbian Anna installed on it.

Here we go and Best of Luck!

Hardware used in experiment

  1. A Nokia N8 smart phone with Symbian Anna
  2. A Wii remote controller RVL 003 (Don’t have one? Click here to buy)
  3. A USB desktop keyboard or a standard Bluetooth keyboard (Only for touchscreen-only phones. Optional for phones with physical keyboards).

How to connect

  1. Install a simple application named MOBIPad (link at the end of the post).
  2. Run Mobi Pad and from options menu choose to connect to Wiimote
  3. Press 1 and 2 simultaneously on the Wii controller and wait till the app says connected
  4. Done! The remote now works all across your apps and everywhere in the OS.

Catch for Touchscreen users

Touch screen phones like Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic or Nokia N8 do not have a physical keyboard and hence Options menu cannot be launched to start connection with the wiimote. You can use a Bluetooth keyboard or a normal USB keyboard to access the menu. Simply connect the Bluetooth keyboard via bluetooth, or use the USB connector that came with your Nokia N8 to connect a desktop USB Keyboard to your phone. When you run MOBIPad, press Windows/Menu key to open the menu and there you are with a working app on touch-screen.

You can download MOBIPad application from this link.

Note: Please note this program is provided as is. I’ve found it working and apparently it doesn’t do anything wrong to the phone.

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