Android running on iPhone

This is big for me at least. This fellow has found a way to install a boot loader and install Android OS on iPhone. We all know that Apple’s iPhone has strong hardware capabilities but due to software restrictions, iPhone users have been deprived from a lot of features and functionality that they could use just by simple software ad-ons. With this hack, which obviously is not supported or accepted by Apple, a whole wide range of possibilities are in your hand. Check out the demo video.

Cant say Good bye to my N82

Noka N82
Nokia n82

N82 by Nokia, just a little over two years I was so excited to receive my new handset. An amazing dual processor phone with dedicated graphics processing unit, an amazing five mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash…… Series 60 3rd edition and a mono block, unlike N95.

It happens that after six months, you start feeling that your phone is too old for some of the features that you’d love to use but after a couple of years in case of N82, I don’t tend let go my phone. I have always been a Nokia fan but Nokia has unfortunately been slightly quiet in past couple of years. They have not released a phone that could make me thing of switching my handset. Just as a convention, I thought I’d rather change my handset now anyways.

My eyes got glittered and deceived by the Blackberries and Androids and I decided to say farewell to my beloved Nokia N82. Now I have an android based HTC G1 as well as the top of the line BlackBerry Bold 9700. No offense with these amazing handsets, but two weeks away from my N82, I am actually handicapped due to  two main reasons.

My very ordinary looking Nokia N82 has a set of features that are still unmatched by the latest smartphones today. In addition, the wide range of software that I keep using, well at least so far, has not been available on other platforms. The problem of the software can be solved gradually as the software becomes available for the new handsets, but the feature set has no match.

The Xenon flash, that usually comes in point and shoot digital cameras only has kept me enjoying night time photography with an accompanying Carl Zeiss lens, five mega pixel camera and a great camera software to support. Even the most recent phones don’t have such flash and all of them only depend on LED based flash, if a flash at all is there.

Unmatched multi-tasking all the time on N82, chatting on favorite IM services, surfing the web using at least 4 different browsers, downloading a few torrents over wifi, listening to Mp3 music all at the same time and a few more software standing by is a normal way how I use this phone. And this doesn’t happen that great on other handsets.

Showing off the photos and videos I took over the weekend to friends and family on the TV is another great feature I miss in my beloved N82. Dont BlackBerry owners need a presentation mechanism in their business phones? Come on, you could give a TV out for heaven’s sake.

I have a feeling, I may have to come back to my Nokia N82 till another phone comes out with such great features. Thank God I haven’t sold it out yet 😉

Samsung Bada still couple of months away

Samsung BadaThere have been rumors and gossips about Samsung’s Wave, the first phone to come on Samsung Bada platform. Samsung Bada is a smart phone platform to add to an already existing mix of a number of platforms already available like iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Nokia Ovi, Android.

Now Samsung has confirmed that Samsung Wave is not coming and it will start becoming available in June 2010. Those retailers who were taking pre-orders and were expecting the phone to be available in April will have to change their order taking page.

If you are a Samsung fan and have been waiting for Samsung Wave, you’ll have to wait for another two good months. Samsung Bada platform is also open for the developers who want to develop apps for this new upcoming platform. Samsung has been a strong platform but as a mobile apps developer, its going to be a hard question to answer: Are you ready to develop apps for a platform that will start getting into the user’s hands after a quarter?

Nokia comes with music lands in China

Nokia comes with musicNokia’s all you can eat music offer named “Nokia-Comes with music” allows a handset owner to download as many music as they can in a year. All you need to do is buy a phone which is labeled “Comes with music”. But this offer is not available everywhere in the world. How Ironic, isn’t it?

This offer has become available this week in China. As China is just next to my country, I wonder when this offer will become available in Pakistan. Nokia is the largest selling handset in Pakistan and this has been the case throughout the rise of the telecom industry in the country. There is a never ending demand of handsets in the country because more than 80 million mobile subscribers keep upgrading their handsets every now and then. Use of data services are becoming common as well. Anyone @ Nokia if read this,  please do consider offering this service in Pakistan. You’ll not regret it 😉

RIM’s BlackBerry has the largest smartphone share in US

According to an independent marketing research firm named comscore, BlackBerry has the largest smart phone share in US. Google has shown some serious improvement to 9% and Apple has been steady. This comparison shows the strength of RIM in the region. Those who are planning to build their business around BlackBerry should have additional level of confidence in the brand now.

Comscore, BlackBerry share in US

Both Microsoft and Palm have lost their share as compared to Nov 2009.

Nokia 5530 supports 16 GB Micro SD card

It’s been quite some time we’ve seen a larger Micro SDHC card than the 16GB one I have. I’ve been posting about 16GB memory card compatibility earlier as well. This post is an official confirmation that Nokia’s touchscreen phone 5530 ExpressMusic supports 16GB Micro SD cards. I have this SanDisk’s 16GB card and it works great in my phone. See photo below:

So if you are planning to buy a new Nokia touch-screen phone that’s S60 3rd edition like my Nokia 5530, you can always get a memory upgrade for a lot of stuff that you can do with this device. Memory and bandwidth are never enough for me 🙂

Give your Blackberry a new look and feel – How to wash your Blackberry’s pearl?

It is very common for Blackberry users to experience trackball problems. Trackball is a common feature of several Blackberry models like Blackberry Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8300 series, Pearl and 8800 series as well. Like a normal ball-based mouse on your computer, the pearl also needs cleaning to give you precise working. Moreover, the trackball gets so dirty that it looks ugly.
The ugly dirty trackball on curve 8310
I’ll show you today, how I cleaned my Blackberry’s pearl today to make it look new and work great. 
Step 1: use a pointed thing like a small flat screw-driver, a knife or just your nail to pull out the steel ring around the pearl. It will pop out easily.
Step 2: Gently remove the pearl along with the white casing holding the trackball. That leaves the phone look like this:
Step 3: I took the ball and washed it with water and soap along with my hands. No special washing tricks except, don’t drop it in the sink 🙂 . Make sure you wash away all the soap. Don’t keep the ball in water for too long.

Step 4: Wipe off the water and preferably use a hair dryer or blower to dry the pearl. No water should be left on it when you put it back in.
Step 5: Place the pearl back in the device like this:

Step-6: Place the metallic ring around the pearl and press it gently back to its original position.
Step 7: Enjoy the beautiful, clean and shining pearl of your Blackberry that works like a charm! Enjoy!
Note: Try it on your own risk. Dont blame me if you berak your device!

My prize. I won Nokia Free Hands Challenge

Thanks to Nokia Free Hands challenge , Darla Mack who told me about this challenge and a big number of people including my family and friends, I have won a Nokia N82 and a Nokia BH-902 Handsfree. I just received a DHL with my gift and I’m right on top of this world right now.

This is the first time ever that I have won any gift in any competition. The gift contains a hand-written card congratulating me and above mentioned box packed gifts.

The challenge was all about uploading your original videos that show how you can utilize your free hands. I uploaded the video and asked everyone I knew, to vote for it. My video was the first one to win the weekly challenge and here is my reward. This is not only a reward for the competition but my years long association with Nokia as a loyal customer and a die-hard supporter.

The phone, its a black Nokia N82 with all the features you can find on its specs site. Its a great feature-packed phone and I’ll continue posting about it. The other gift is a Nokia BH902. Its a cute little thing and I’m already in love with it.

Once again, thanks Nokia, thanks Darla and thanks a lot all of my voters.


Toys are getting really interesting. I feel jealous, why such toys were’nt there when I was young?

Look at this remote control UFO 🙂

See this site for details.