Let’s Eat Twitter

No doubt social media is popular all around the globe. Now people are naming their non-tech tangible products getting inspired from the virtual world and online media. Recent addition to that is Twitter. Though I did not like the taste of it, it did look tempting and I ended up buying a few of them.

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How did your site look in 1997?

I just came across this amazing web archive. If you had a website several years ago or you want to see how your favorite websites looked like a decade back, this is your best bet. I just dug up and found the face of my websites and it was really great to visit so many websites back in time. For example, this is how the Google logo looked like back in 1998/1999.

And this is how Apple’s website looked like in 1997.

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Is it Microsoft vs Apple all over again? HP Pulls the plug on Web-OS.

The news is spreading fast that HP is discontinuing the Web-OS device operations. While this news needs more detailed analysis and we have a long way to go but we are left with lesser number of players when it comes to operating system for the hand-held devices. Google, Apple, RIM and Microsoft are the four major operating system developers. While RIM and Google are no naive souls, I can’t rule out the possibility of a Microsoft vs Apple battle again a few years down the road if these two can eliminate Google and RIM from the race. With Microsoft’s strategic alliance with Nokia and Apple’s discontinued success story gives rise to the support for this possible traditional rivalry coming to the Smartphone and Tablet’s world soon.

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Happy Independence Day Pakistan!

Happy independence day to all my Pakistani brothers and sisters, and Google goes green on this 14th August. I am so excited about it. Thanks to all those who made it happen. Long live Pakistan, Pakistan Zindabad!

Google Plus – Android app and Invites

I’m sure you must have heard about Google+ by now, it’s yet another social network by Google. It feels that they are palnning to do it right this time, let’s see how good it will be in the days to come. All we can do is jump in, try using it and give our feedback. So first thing first, how to get into Google+.

How to get invited to Google+

If you do not have an invite yet, just leave your comment here and I’ll try to invite you to the network right away.

How to invite friends to Google+

Once you are in, its simple to invite friends. If you do not have any invites explicitly available, just create a stream (your new status) and add more people to share with, type in all the email address you want to invite here and as soon as you press the “Share” button, everyone listed will get an email invite.

How to get Google+ Android app

Simply go to http://m.google.com/plus from your Android browser. This should work for most of you. If your market says it’s not available, dont panic, you can get the APK file right from one of the links below. Download the apk file, load it up on your phone’s memory card and open it to install Google+. Do leave a comment if this works for you ­čÖé




Gmail Attachment Intelligence

Guess what, I wrote an email this morning and the body of the email said “I’ve attached something” in the body of the email and forgot to attach it. When I pressed the Send button, following message saved me from the trouble and I’m loving Google for one more reason now.

Google Maps 3D on Nexus S

Android users with Nexus S should watch this video for sure and those who are planning to get a new phone, Nexus S is recommended if not anything else, because of this 3d maps feature only.

Google 411 No More

Google 411 was a local service in US to search local businesses and places by just dialing 1800-Goog411. Google has recently pulled the plug on the service and it is not available for the users anymore. Quite interestingly it has been the tool not only to provide free POI, people and telephone number searching for general public, but it has also been a great way of training Google’s voice recognition engine.

I believe not many people are using this tool now as everyone is now moving on to the smarter phones like iPhone, Android, BlackBerries or Windows 7 phones. Google has also found better ways of training it’s voice engine to further perfection.

Google Voice transcribes users’ calls that end up in the voice mail and sends it as emails etc. Android phones are also doing lots of searching and other commands based voice commands and all these tools are helping Google’s engine to learn how it can take voice recognition to the next level.

As a result, Google Mobile has announced support for African languages like Zulu and Afrikaans. They will also support voice recognition for South African accented English language as well. Read more about it here.

Gmail Priority Inbox is here

Another innovative way of prioritizing your email, and it’s again by Gmail. All of us receive a lot of spam that already gets filtered by the Gmail spam engine. This feature is about more important and less important emails. Gmail will learn about your email with time, which emails are more important and which are less important ones. With help of this information, Gmail will show emails in three sections namely Important, Starred and Everything else. The emails that you read more often and reply to will automatically get higher in priority. You can also mention which emails are important and which of them are not.

You good old Inbox is always there if you are not very happy with the priority inbox. This feature works with standard Gmail as well as on Google Apps mail for domains and works pretty good already in its beta. To try out Gmail priority inbox, simply log on to your google mail/Gmail account and look for the red link that says “New Priority Inbox Beta”.

To learn more about the feature, watch following video: