Google to phase out Internet Explorer 6 for Google docs

Google docs will no longer support Internet Explorer 6 and other older browsers. On march 1, 2010 these older browsers will start working either very slow or will not work at all with google docs.

This step has been taken in favor of new high speed docs site with newer standards like HTML 5.

The site will continue to work on Internet Explorer 7 and above, Fire Fox 3 and above, Chrome 3 and above and safari 3 and above.

Google also plans to phase out these older browsers from Google Mail and Google Calendar as well later in 2010.

google for a joke

A localized joke on Google :

Google may be a great search engine but it can't search my chappal I lost in the mosque.

sms joke shared by Badar.

Google’s Workshop – updates.

just a simple summary of what's being discussed:

Use following tools and techniques for marketing your products online :

1. Use insight.
2. Use website optimizer.
3. Use the keyword tools/advertise on google.
4. Make your site content relevant.
5. Optimize landing pages.
6. Use webmaster tools.
7. Use google site maps.
8. Last but not least use Analytics.

100th post celebrations

Within a few months, this blog has reached 100 posts. I thank all my readers for sticking to the blog and I promise I will keep posting interesting stuff in the future as well.

Geosocial networking, Finally google steps in.

After almost a month, I return to post on my blog about the new Google maps that I noticed this morning. And then Google’s latitude services is a great addition. With Latitude, you can add your friends to map and then you can share your location with them. It is a welcome addition I’ve been waiting for so long.

You can not only view your friend’s location on your mobile phone, but it also works on the web. Just add latitude to your igoogle and watch your friends on your PC as well.

Happy Geosocial networking.

CNN Mobile application – not for my region.

CNN has been available through thier WAP site but I found availability of CNN Java application very interesting for my mobile. When I try downloading, it says its not available in your region.

That really pisses me off. All your content are available through the website in all regions, whats wrong with the mobile app?

You see the details about this app here