Elections 2013 – Where to cast your vote?

Elections 2013 are here in Pakistan and we’re all ready to vote on 11th May. If you are not sure where’s the polling station in your area, this handy little website will help you find that out.

Please follow these 3 steps to find out the location of your polling station:

Step 1:Send your CNIC (Computerized ID Card) number to 8300 via SMS.Step 2: If you are registered with Election Commission of Pakistan as a voter, you will receive your details with a Block Code in SMS response.

Step 3: Go to this website http://whereismyballot.com and enter your Block Code to get the exact location of your polling station.
Hope this information is helpful for you. Happy voting!

Duddoo aur Dhobi – First step in the right direction


Like any other parent having a young child, my worries are beginning to rise as my son has  access to media, music, cartoons, games, entertainment and education that is either in a foreign language or it’s localized in an incorrect way. While it is great to access English, Spanish and French content, there has been a big gap when we talk about Urdu content, especially in interactive education, games, cartoons, stories and edu-tainment apps. No I do not like my son watching Hindi content, that is not Urdu beware. There have been several serious efforts like ToffeeTV to fill the gap but we need to speed up the efforts now.

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Happy Birthday Quaid

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was born on 25th December 1876. Wish our beloved Quaid lived a few more years. May Allah bless your soul and you attain very high ranks in hereafter.

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Power goes 350 volts – Raja Parvez Ashraf :)

The moment new prime minister of Pakistan has sworn in, our power supply has gone sky high, seriously. After examination it was found that the power has gone higher than 330 volts where it should be around 220. Several electric appliances have been reportedly fried due to this in the neighborhood.

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Sachin finally makes his 100th century in international cricket

Sachin Tendulkar from India finally completes his record braking hundredth century in international cricket. No soul has done that before. All I can say is “RESPECT!”.

This 100 centuries set contains 51 test centuries and today’s 49th ODI century that he completes in 188 test and 462 ODI matches. And he’s done that in a tenure of 23 years. I’ve not even watched cricket for that long, and he’s been playing it and he’s always been in top 10 batsmen. What a player he is.

While I keep supporting Pakistan cricket and will continue to do that, all I can have for Sachin is admiration and respect. I don’t think I’ll see such a player again in my life time at least.

Sachin’s cricket profile.