I lived in the days of Muralitharan

This blog will serve as my diary when I’ll not be around. The blog will tell you that it was an age of cricket magicians that I lived in. It was an age when the two Ws used to scare the batting line up of any world class team by opening the bowling attack, it was an age when Imran Khan raised the world cup, it was an age when Brian Lara used to keep his head lower than the bat before hitting the ball against the basic rules of cricket and scored the unbeatable multiple century more than once, it was an age when Miandad was an unbeatable middle order rock-wall, it was an age when Inzi used to walk in-to the stadium with a standard painful expression on his face and then soon everyone else’s face on the field copied his expression due to his shots all around. It was an age when Sachin Tendulkar had a never ending, never tiring and never a mundane career, it was an age of Mushy’s Spin and Ramiz Raja who became a more popular analyst than a player. I’m happy that I lived in the age of Mutthiah Muralitharan, the magician of spin and the greatest  spin bowler of all times. Continue reading “I lived in the days of Muralitharan”

Watch Cricket Live Online

I am a cricket fan and I know if you are reading this, probably you are a cricket fan as well. And its obvious that fans watch live cricket whenever possible. Things get even more serious if it is a World Cup tournament and your favorite team is playing a crucial match. If you are out of the country or you cant find a channel that is showing live cricket in your area, you can use this site to watch live cricket on your computer.

No matter it is ODI cricket, T20 or Test, this site always finds a live feed for you and it makes more sense when you are not in a cricket loving country and the TV Channels shown in  your area don’t show cricket.

If you have any other links for watching cricket live, please do post in the comments section.

And Blasts

The match wasn't over yet and Lahore was hit with 3 low intensity blasts. My expectations, my country, my men …

Cricket is so important

As I watch this semi-final of national 20-20 series in Gaddafi stadium, Lahore, I feel so great looking at this large crowd.

A nation that is so short on entertainment and so high on tension and depression from all sorts of problems is enjoying an evening of relief.

Despite the fact that the match is not as interesting as a usual 20-20, spectators are celebrating every bit of it. Festivals, sports, exhibitions, dramas, movies and all sort of entertainments, that have been part of usual Lahore life have died down to silence not only due to the law and order situation and continued bomb blasts but due to the poor economic condition of the country as well.

I hope things keep going like this and we get back to same old Lahore that is home to dozens of festivals and activities.