BlackBerry Top App – Made in Pakistan

** Superb update — The Photo Editor app is now #1 on App World**

Photo Editor for BlackBerry is an easy to use and very useful app for Blackberry smart phones. It allows  you to edit your photos on the go and share it with friends and family. I’m proud to be part of the team who developed this simple Photo Editor app that has reached the top 5 apps on the BlackBerry’s official App-World. Photo Editor has also won the regional selection award and it has been labeled as BlackBerry Super App. Creativity at it’s best, made in Pakistan.

Want this super app? Click here to download from App-World.

You can read more about this super app here:

Buy from Blackberry App World

How to use Photo Editor on Blackberry

TechLahore’s post about Photo Editor

Green & White post about Photo Editor

A simple Photo Editor walk-through

Don’t have access to BlackBerry App World, download the app from here.

BlindType for TouchScreen Phones

We’ve seen several variants of touchscreen typing mechanisms but BlindType is too good to be true. Watch this video how they use this virtual keyboard, once mastered will not require any keys shown on screen, saving valuable screen space for you. See BlindType in action in this video: