Difference between BlackBerry 9900 and BlackBerry 9930

So many people asked me this, I thought I’d rather make a post out of it. BlackBerry just released five different handsets this week and Bold 9900 and Bold 9930 are two of them. While it is a valid question, the answer is very simple. BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry 9930 are exactly identical in features and hardware except only one difference. BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a GSM phone that operates on GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 networks while BlackBerry Bold 9930 also supports CDMA. Bold 9930 works on CDMA 800/1900 networks in addition to the GSM 850/900/1800/1900. In simple words for example in US, BlackBerry Bold 9930 will work on Verizon and Sprint Nextel while 9900 will work on rest of the networks.

Yes 9930 works on both GSM and CDMA, so if you want to switch back and forth from CDMA to GSM and back, it’s better to grab 9930.

RIM announces 5 BlackBerry devices

RIM has today announced 5 BlackBerry devices featuring OS 7 in their launch party in UK. The phones that were announced are listed below:

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900
  • BlackBerry Bold 9930
  • BlackBerry Torch 9850
  • BlackBerry Torch 9860
  • BlackBerry Torch 9810

All these devices run RIM’s new BlackBerry 7 operating system. Here are the launch slides that were presented to the audience in launch party in UK:

Click the image to view slide show

You can also find some launch party photos here if you are interested:

Click the gallery above to view launch party photos

Difference between BlackBerry 9700 and 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780
BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780 is a younger brother of BlackBerry 9700 who’s just a little more fashionable than 9700 and we know 9700 very well. Just got hold of a 9780 and it’s as cool as a 9700, seriously. What makes it more cool is the OS 6 and its doing a great job with the new OS despite the fact it does not have a touch screen like Torch 9800.

There are only two main differences between BlackBerry 9780 Bold and 9700 Bold.


  1. BlackBerry 9780 has a 5 megapixel camera as compared to 3.2 megapixel cameara on Bold 9700.
  2. And the bigger difference is, 9780 has OS 6.

In cas you are planning to upgrade your 9700, then 9780 is definitely not the choice. If you are planning to get a new 9700, better get a 9780. For existing 9700 users, BlackBerry 9800 torch is a much better choice. And in case you are highly tempted to use OS 6 on your BlackBerry and own an 9700, better flash your OS to version 6 and enjoy having a 9780, well almost 🙂  . You can read this post on how to upgrade to OS 6 on BlackBerry 9700.

Here are a few more shots of the 9780 which has the same big 1500 Mah battery as Bold 9700.

BlackBerry OS 6 boots up fast

I just got hold of these two devices. A BlackBerry Bold 9700 running OS 5 and a BlackBerry Torch running OS 6. Apparently both devices do not have a difference in processing power but the operating system boot up time looks drastically improved for OS version 6.

One of the thing that has always been irritating me has been the time a BlackBerry takes to boot. Any other phone does not take that long but things are eventually changing and the new OS has done some work to improve the boot up speed.

Checkout the video.

OS 6 for your BlackBerry Bold 9700

If you are carrying a BlackBerry Bold 9700, and want to upgrade to OS 6, the first leaked version is available now. WillyBoy6 on CrackBerry forums has posted the steps, download links and then the whole world starts talking about it.

If you end up upgrading to OS6 successfully, the only difference between your 9700 and 9780 will be the camera.

Here is the source, enjoy!

Download BlackBerry App World in an unsupported country

** Update **

Guys, following post is no more valid. Even if you get App World on your phone, it will not connect to the server as long as you are in an un-supported country connected through an un-supported career.

BlackBerry App WOrldBlackBerry App Worldis RIM’s official application store for BlackBerry Apps. Quite interestingly, the app store is not available in all countries. There is a list of countries that are supported and many countries are left out. The store is available in countries like United Sates, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany France and a few more to buy and download apps. In addition, App World is also available in some countries where people can only download Free apps. They cannot buy these apps. App World with free-apps-only mode is available in countries like China, Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Thailand etc. You can view the whole list of supported countries here.

If you are not in a country where BlackBerry app world is supported, you are out of luck. You can’t download the app world from RIM’s website. Though we have a bit of a workaround for that. You can user your BlackBerry browser to hit this link :  http://bit.ly/bbappsworld . Make sure you open it using your BlackBerry phone, not your PC browser to launch the installer that will install BlackBerry app world  on your phone. Please note that you will not be able to buy or view any paid app but you will be able to download, use and review the free apps at least.


I have tested this link on BlackBerry Bold 9700 as well as on a Storm 9530. Let me know if it works for your or not.