Gmail is full – what to do? Don’t panic!

Are you wondering what to do if your Gmail account is full? When you made this account, you were sure this account will never get filled but today is the day you are stuck with several GB of your valuable emails and conversations in your Gmail.

Don’t Panic, you have a few options that you can exercise at this point. Read on for both free and paid options to increase space in your Gmail account without losing any data.

Gmail Full

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How to transfer all your emails from one Gmail account to another

If you are running out of Gmail space, don’t panic. This post will help you how to create ample space in your inbox without deleting any useful information. The magic word in this case is “transfer”. You will transfer all your emails to another Gmail account.

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How to purchase more space in Gmail?

If you are running out of Gmail space, you can pay a very nominal fee to get ample space in your Gmail Inbox. If you are considering a paid option, storage space is VERY cheap on Google servers. You can buy 20 GB of additional space for only $5 per year. This is the easiest option to exercise but binds you to use the paid service not only today but in future as well as your used storage space will continue to grow.

You have more options as well if you want to upgrade big time. You can buy…

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Gmail Attachment Intelligence

Guess what, I wrote an email this morning and the body of the email said “I’ve attached something” in the body of the email and forgot to attach it. When I pressed the Send button, following message saved me from the trouble and I’m loving Google for one more reason now.

Gmail Priority Inbox is here

Another innovative way of prioritizing your email, and it’s again by Gmail. All of us receive a lot of spam that already gets filtered by the Gmail spam engine. This feature is about more important and less important emails. Gmail will learn about your email with time, which emails are more important and which are less important ones. With help of this information, Gmail will show emails in three sections namely Important, Starred and Everything else. The emails that you read more often and reply to will automatically get higher in priority. You can also mention which emails are important and which of them are not.

You good old Inbox is always there if you are not very happy with the priority inbox. This feature works with standard Gmail as well as on Google Apps mail for domains and works pretty good already in its beta. To try out Gmail priority inbox, simply log on to your google mail/Gmail account and look for the red link that says “New Priority Inbox Beta”.

To learn more about the feature, watch following video: