How to download Windows 10 DVD Image ISO without hassle




If you are waiting for a notification, an automatic update, an icon to click in your task bar or any other intimation from Microsoft for a free Windows 10 upgrade, you may be out of luck. Some of us have received the download but for those who are still waiting for a way to download Windows 10, the method is actually pretty simple. This is how I am doing it right now:

Here wo go…

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How to export your Facebook Page’s wall to RSS

This one is tricky. I know a lot of people who import RSS feeds to their Facebook pages and it works great when it comes to drawing traffic to your blogs using a Facebook page. But this friend of mine came up to me with a question that how can I export the wall posts from my Facebook page to an RSS feed.

I’ve been searching around and did not find a straight solution. Many Facebook apps were reportedly banned for doing such an export activity and it actually discouraged my search to some extent as well.

Then I noticed a link on top of my own page that was asking me to link my page’s feed to Twitter. Walla! Here’s the solution.

  1. Logon to Facebook
  2. In the same browser, go to
  3. This page will list all your pages. Click on “Link to Twitter” button next to the page you want to get an RSS feed for.
  4. You’ll be redirected to a twitter page where you have to “Allow” Facebook to post things to your twitter. You may have to enter your twitter user name and password if you are not already logged in.
  5. This feature also lets you chose which items you want to export like events, text, images etc. Select the items you want to put on your RSS feed.
  6. You are done with Facebook part here. No go to and login using the same account.
  7. On the right panel, you’ll see a typical RSS feed sign.
  8. That’s your feed to this twitter account.

How will it work now?

  • Whenever there is a post on your Facebook-Page’s wall, it will be posted immediately to this twitter account.
  • Whenever you have that post in your twitter account, it will be available in the RSS feed. So we’ve used Twitter as an RSS feed generator here 🙂

Please note

  • I’m assuming that you already have a page on Facebook. Your own wall is different from your Page’s wall. This solution only works for pages, not for personal account walls.
  • I’m assuming that you have a twitter account. Please use your own account or make a new one for this page only. Depends on your need. But you can link only one twitter account with one Facebook account.
  • This RSS feed that you get from Twitter is password protected and will not work on our good old Google Reader 🙁

Please let me know if you have a better solution to this problem or you can find a way to get me an un-protected rss feed out of twitter.